Monday, May 16, 2011

Oreo's Update

Today as you may remember was the day when Oreo's (my little kitten) future was going to be decided based on his condition. Oreo is an alley kitten that fell from a roof in our backyard and was seriously hurt. When he fell from the high roof he fell on his head and this caused him head trauma. We had taken him to the veterinarian on Friday and they told us depending how he did by today, he was going to either be adopted by us or be put to sleep.

Since Thursday, my family and I spent day and night looking after him making sure he was OK. We have been taking turns feeding him and giving him love. We are always talking to Oreo and encouraging him not to give up. But actually Oreo is the one giving us a lesson in life, thought he is severely hurt, he is the one that doesn't give up and desperately seems to be trying to get better.

Today, when we took him to the Vet, we were hoping for good news, but were prepared for the worst. He had a little progress on his health these past days  but we were afraid the vet was not going to consider it good enough to keep him alive. I even took my kids out of school to accompany us to the vet in case of having to say goodbye to our Oreo.

However, once we explained to the vet the little progress we noticed, she showed optimism and asked us if we were still willing to take care of him. Of course we said yes with a big smile. She proceeded to tell us that Oreo will never be a regular pet, he is considered handicapped and probably will require a lot of care and attention from us. This is no problem for us; we love Oreo and we are not going to give up on him. 

Why did we decided to keep him alive if he is handicapped, you might ask? Well, Oreo is an amazing kitten and even though he needs us to do most of everything for him, he seems happy and is very playful all the time. Also the vet guaranteed us that he is not in pain at all.

Now let me share with you the progress of his condition. Oreo can now kind of sit for a second or two before falling to his side. Keep in mind that before he couldn't even pick up his head and was always on his side. Oreo has become more active and moves more, he still can't stand up but he is starting to try and stand up. He weighs only 14 oz, but now he is starting to eat more. Oreo now reaches for toys we bought for him and plays with them :) and when we talk to him, he looks up and will meow back as in a conversation. Oreo hadn't had a bowel movement since his fall and today he finally was able to poop big time... LOL.

Now aren't this clues that Oreo has a big will to survive? :) We have faith that one day Oreo will be able to do some things on his own and we will be with him to help him and encourage him. With patience, love but especially our prayers, Oreo will one day be a normal or almost a normal cat.

Really loving someone means not giving up on them. Oreo may be different but he is our baby and we are proud of what a brave little kitten he is. He is a blessing in our lives and a lesson of courage and strength for all of us.

I want to thank everyone that has prayed for our kitten. May God bless you and I Super Love You for your good hearts. But remember that Oreo has a long hard journey ahead of him. Please keep him in your prayers :)


  1. Awww please post some pictures of Oreo!

  2. Thank you Jean so much <333 and PiePanda, my daughter Nat and I were thinking of making a special section in the blog for Oreo, with pictures and daily updates :)What do you think?