Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ahoy Friends!!!

Ahoy Friends!!!
Can you guess where I am?

Did I hear someone say the Carribbean Seaport?
Aye matey, you are CORRECTO!

Today I felt like traveling the seven seas and searching for new treasures.

But what is this that I see?
You big liar, I will be suing you for false advertisment.  

Of course I found you, you can run but you can never hide from me! None of your actions are new, they are sooo last year :P

๖ۣḈḧụḃṡ from France wake up and smell the coffee!!!
Lil' Lemon has no new actions at the moment.

Lil' Lemon, your lies had broken my heart :(
The only thing left for me to do is jump into the ocean (violin music playing in the background)
and go deep, deep, deep until I touch bottom.... mmmm, I am sooo dramatic :P

Never mind, instead I'll leave you with this cool list of Pirate language :PPP

Ahoy: Hey!
Avast: Stop!
Aye: Yes
Booty: treasure
Doubloons: pieces of gold.
Fiddlers Green: the private heaven where pirates be goin' when they die.
Grog: A pirate's favorite drink.
Lass: A woman
Me hearty: a friend or shipmate.

Want more? Check out "Talk Like A Pirate Day"

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  1. I love reading your blog! >.< The things you share about your friends are wonderful! Keep it up! ;) I want to meet you at Pico because I also want to be your friend if you don't mind! ^^