Sunday, May 15, 2011

Smile :(

                                                                WRITTEN BY Sweets*

I’ll smile for you
Even though my heart is aching
For smiling helps ease my pain.

But you must know that for now this smile
Is just a mask.
Behind it you will find
Loneliness , pain and disappointment,
Heartache and shame.

For I have loved with all my heart
And trusted and admired
What was really never there.

I’ll keep smiling for you
Until once again
I have learn to forget,
What has brought me to this sadness
That right now is so hard to bear...

And then I will
Sincerely smile
For you again.


  1. :o This is so sweet! :3 Maybe thats why your name is sweets.:DD

  2. My little Cara, my poem is bitter-sweet. I am going through a very sad time losing Catero as a friend. But I have faith that soon I will smile again <333