Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Place To Pray

For well over a couple of months, I had been thinking of transforming one of my rooms into a place of Love and Faith. A room where you could come and sit to get away from the chaotic Pico life. A place of solitude where you could forget your troubles and hopefully find some comfort. A place to meditate and where you could listen to your heart when you are unsure of what to do and you are being tormented by uncertainty.

But this place I have created is not only for the troubled hearts, it is a place of joy and hope as well.  A place where you can come when something WONDERFUL has happened to you or one of your friends. A place where the joy of the happy and grateful hearts can be contained in some special way in every corner and be shared with everyone else that walks in. Of course, I am talking while you are in Pico.

Remember my beautiful Picos, our love for God has no religion and though I have created this church based on my Catholic faith, EVERYONE is welcome to be part of it. We all share the same divine LOVE for our Lord and religion shouldn't be a barrier between us. Religion sadly separates humans some times, but the love and the faith in our Lord, unites us.

This very special room I have created; a church, chapel  or temple, however you want to call it, is for you. For the good in heart, for the kind and generous Pico that sincerely cares about other people and not only about themselves.

I ask that anyone that visits my room shows respect for what it symbolizes. That when you visit, you come with an open heart and leave all the anger and hate outside. You are welcome to leave candles in this room. Candles represent the faith that kindles in our hearts.You will find this very special place in ROOM 4.


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