Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Sakura Room

 LEFT TO RIGHT: ™۞F♥F۞™XZENIX from Indonesia, SCrEmoo,, from Germany, Sweets*,
 KeLana Senja and ḉυнßḯε❤ḓỏṘἁ from Indonesia

One of the most recent rooms that Pico has opened is the Sakura Room. This beautiful Japanese room has been decorated with Cherry Blossom  and is well set up with beautiful Sakura Designed Japanese Chairs which can be either purchased at the ROBO:Type  SKR Shop for 60 AG/1 Token or won on Premium Gacha located in this same area for 50AG a spin.

ROBO: Type SKR "SHOP", has been filled with incredible Japanese items like  the very popular Nostalgic Japanese Wig ( 280AG) which every Pico wants to have to the Sakura Tree Sight Window ( 200AG) that has a phenomenon view. Now let's not forget the cute Nostalgic Japanese Geta (sandals) that are priced at 80AG/Token or the Nostalgic Japanese Boots (100AG/Token) which come in two different colors; beige and brown.

Gacha once again makes us happy by going easy on our Pico wallets. For 50AG a spin, you get the chance to win incredible items. Not only will you win very well detailed furniture but after you complete getting the five different items required, Gacha will reward you with the Japanese Tatami  which is a floor and the Sakura Designed Japanese Wall.

But if you know me well by know, you will know my eye was set on the Sakura Designed Women's Hakama, which is the dress. It comes in two tones, pink or red, luckily for me I got it in red :)

Now, I don't know why I am always so blessed in meeting or bumping into wonderful people everyday, but forever the reason I am very thankful. I was feeling a little emotional :(  don't worry, just a little ;) when Lyli яαωя from Dominican Republic ℓσνє¢σσкєяαωя  from France walked into the Sakura room and saw me sitting all alone, in the empty room.
They right away joined me and distracted me from my depressed mood with their cheery conversation. Thank you girls 

Til next time, keep smiling with me 

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