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Blogging Advice

This is a long-due article I had promised many of my blogger friends and other people that had been sending me letters asking for my help or advice on how they can improve their own Pico blogs or create a new one. I honestly don't know if I am the most qualified person to give any kind of advice on this topic,  but I will be glad to share with you what I do for my own blog and hope you might find this information helpful.

First and most important, you must know this blog is my passion,  I love writing and never get tired of it. I enjoy sitting down in the quietness of my home, writing for you, while sipping a hot cup of coffee everyday.

When Catero invited me the first time to write for him on picostyle blog,  I was actually shocked. I thought, how can I ever write something good enough  for his amazing blog when I have never written anything before? However, he placed faith in me and advised me that if I put  100%  of my heart into it, everything would be OK. I followed his advice and in the process I discovered how much I enjoyed writing and since that day, I haven't stopped this beautiful journey.

Now, a blog shouldn't be about competing with other blogs. It is not about who has the most followers and who is more popular. The important thing in a blog is not based on numbers but the quality in the articles you are providing for the many or few readers that so faithfully follow us. I personally am not in a race with any other blog. I write not to be on top of everyone else but because I love writing.

Don't get me wrong, I very much appreciate everyone of my followers, earning followers is definately a plus to my work. This let's me know that I am doing a good job and keeps me going and encourages me to do even better. Once you place much importance on "numbers" either on your own blog or the blog of others,  the true joy of blogging will be lost.

ƉЯѲИǤѲ from Dijibouti, silver leon from Ecuador, ::+\/eron!ca+: from Hong Kong, gontakun100kg from Japan

Write always with respect toward others. Respect is a must in Pico Perfect. I don't like using my blog to put anyone down in any way. If I don't have anything nice to say about "someone", I just won't write anything about them. What you write must come from the heart and be sincere. Try finding the positive aspects of a person or place and guide your writing based on that, the good qualities, we all have them but sometimes we must dig deeper to find them. Once you find the positives about  your subject, make sure you highlight them with kind words.

In some occasions it is impossible not to write something negative about someone, something or some place. Some subjects can't be ignored and we must write about them to inform our readers of the dangers so they can better protect themselves. However, omitting the names of who you are writing about, sometimes I strongly recommend. It will prevent you from adding drama to your blog and your Pico life as well. If you must add their names to your articles, be sure there is an 100% justifying reason in doing so.

I recommend that you include as many Picos every week as you can to feature in your blogs. My blog is not just about me and my friends, it is mostly about all the wonderful people I meet every day when I visit Pico. If you notice, in  most of my articles, I will include at least one other person other then me, either by photo, name or both.

It costs nothing to us bloggers to make someone else happy by featuring them in our articles, but it may mean the world to them to see themselves featured in a blog at least once in their Pico lives. Making other people happy is what's important and in return you will  feel happy too.

It is very important that you get their proper ID names from their profiles for your posts. What good does it do to post their picture without their names or their names misspelled.  When ever possible, include also the country they belong to. I am always very interested in knowing where my Picos come from and I bet they will be thrilled to see that their nationality was important enough to be included in your article.

biscotti♡, supercute♥, нєℓℓ ¢ιи∂єяѕ™ from Canada, rommel sais 28from the Philippines

When writing about fashion, any picture you may take of a well dressed Pico, be sure she/he is standing up. You want to make sure your readers can fully appreciate every piece of clothing she/he is wearing. Give as much detail as you can about the clothes and if possible let them know the place where they can get it and the price it is available for.

Rooms are very important, give your readers accurate details of the room style, mood and colors. Whenever possible find a theme within the room and mention what it reminds you of, maybe a movie, a song, or a character. Include in your articles, room size, proper owner's ID name and if they have pets, why not include them too. Take pictures of the whole room, but if there are certain parts of the room you consider " SUPER COOL", take pictures of those particular areas. Let your readers know how you found the room and why you decided to write about it.

Now, don't just focus on the big rooms to feature in your blogs. Remember that many times beautiful things come in small sizes too. A big room full of nice stuff is not always better than a small one with not so much in it. The layout of the room and how well its been presented is what's important!

Covering the "NEWS" is essential to a blog. Everyone wants to know what is new and what is happening in Pico. Many rely on us to get their information. You will be surprised to know that many Picos many times don't bother checking the "information" window on their Pico screens. We have the responsibility of informing  them as soon as this new information becomes available to us. Covering the story within two days and listing proper area names and item's names is very important. Include as many pictures as you can on your article to better give an idea to the reader of what is available and what is going on.

Being "original" is one of the most important things in blogging. No one wants to be considered a copycat. Copying another bloggers ideas will result on not being considered trustworthy by the readers and other bloggers. Create your own personal posts and this will identify you from the rest of the bloggers. For example, people know me for my "Picos Wall", "Mingles" and "Cutie Picotuties" posts. These posts have been very successfully for me and consequentially have become like a brand mark to my name. Find a unique style for your blog (writing style and posts ideas).

Profile: נє§§ⓘ¢@ єⓥⓐηs from England    Room: udntnome

Now there are definitely some things about Pico that every blog should cover and won't be consider copying. Profiles, rooms, gacha, etc., are important parts of Pico and there are up for grabs. How you introduce them is the trick. Introduce them to your readers in your own personal writing style by adding a little spark of yourself  to your posts.

Finally, ALWAYS give credit to ANY source you are using on your blogs, remember this also includes photos. You must also give credit to any and every person that provides you with information for a post/article.

Now this is all I can help you with. Designing and creating a blog is really not my department. I merely write for the blog and Catero does the rest. As I always say, I am the heart of Pico Perfect and Catero is the brain.

Now Catero wrote some very interesting articles for PicoStyle Blog about  How-to: Get Your Blog On ,  How-to: Take good photos in Pico and Blog Life. I am pretty sure these three articles will be very helpful to you and will help you in improving your existing blogs or creating a new one.

Good luck to you and a happy blogging life <3

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