Monday, May 2, 2011

A Special Shout Out

This special SHOUT OUT goes to Chayannie!

It is always a great honor for me to introduce wonderful Picos in my blog. This time I would like you to meet Chayannie and as her profile says.... "I'm Beautiful", it is absolutely true. Chayannie is not just beautiful on the outside, but she is also very beautiful in the inside as well. I have known her for a while  and though we have never had a real conversation, I can still sense her kindness and sweetness. She is very quiet and shy, but her generosity doesn't require of many words to touch your heart.

You will often see her in the Japanese Parks feeding hungry Picos. You will  rarely see her interacting with other Picos. Her sole personality is enough to attract people to her, so don't hesitate to give her props and rings when you see her, and please don't take her quietness as rudeness. Know that she is one of the most wonderful Picos you can get to meet! :)

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