Monday, May 9, 2011

A Special Shout Out

This very special SHOUT-OUT goes to ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺ from the United States of America!

Today when I entered my fourth room, I found ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺ from Ameba Pico Review Blog standing very still and quiet in front of the altar. As soon as she saw me walk in, she showed much excitement with my presence there.

Just a couple of minutes before, she had sent me this letter...

08. May, 2011  13:10
Hai Sweets!
What an amazing blog you have!
I am super happy I found your blog :)

--- You have moved to My Secret Garden
(13:10) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: HELLO
(13:10) Sweets*: hi
(13:10) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: did u get mah message?
(13:10) Sweets*: yes
(13:10) Sweets*: TY
(13:10) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: hurray
(13:10) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: i saw ur new post
(13:10) Sweets*: How R U?
(13:11) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: i came to this church ^
(13:11) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: im fine
(13:11) Sweets*: awww
(13:11) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: You?
(13:11) Sweets*: TY
(13:11) Sweets*: I'm good
(13:11) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: cool house
(13:11) Sweets*: do u like it
(13:11) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: yep
(13:11) Sweets*: this room?
(13:11) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: mhmm
(13:11) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: it looks great
(13:11) Sweets*: TY
(13:11) Sweets*: :)
(13:11) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: just like a real church
(13:11) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: umm one question
(13:11) Sweets*: yes?
(13:12) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: why is Catero a Guest Writer?
(13:12) Sweets*: he left on his own :(
(13:12) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: who created Pico Perfect?
(13:12) Sweets*: I did
(13:12) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: oh
(13:12) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: he left
(13:12) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: now Romeo is in his place?
(13:12) Sweets*: yes
(13:12) Sweets*: it was supposed to
(13:12) Sweets*: be the three of us on the team
(13:12) Sweets*: but Catero left :(
(13:13) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: awwz
(13:13) Sweets*: I know :(
(13:13) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: so is he still in team
(13:13) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: like the inviation thingy
(13:13) Sweets*: I have no idea
(13:13) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: invitation*
[at this point she starts crying and I joined her]
(13:13) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: awwe
(13:13) Sweets*: I know
(13:13) Sweets*: I am sad too
(13:13) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: BUT
(13:13) Sweets*: alot
(13:13) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: This might cheer you up
(13:13) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: :
(13:13) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: Happy Mother's Day!
[she tries to cheer me up with "Surprised Fire Crackers"]
(13:14) Sweets*: awwww
(13:14) Sweets*: thank you
(13:14) Sweets*: TY
(13:14) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: whats ur fav color?
(13:14) Sweets*: <3
(13:14) Sweets*: red
(13:14) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: hmm
[she places a "RED" balloon by my side]
(13:14) Sweets*: :)
(13:14) Sweets*: aww
(13:14) Sweets*: TY
(13:15) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: yw
(13:15) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: :)
[she suddenly discovers that we are actually "buddies"]
(13:15) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: omg
(13:15) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: when did you became my buddie?
(13:16) Sweets*: :)
(13:16) Sweets*: I gtg
(13:16) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: Well now
(13:16) Sweets*: eat lunch
(13:16) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: i gtg too
(13:17) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: my buddy is calling me
(13:17) Sweets*: ok
(13:17) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: well byez
(13:17) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: thank you
(13:17) Sweets*: ty
(13:17) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: see ya
(13:17) Sweets*: bye
(13:17) ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺: have a happy mothers day
(13:17) Sweets*: TY for coming

... and then she was gone. Thank you ☺☻♥Angelz♥☻☺ for being so sweet and cheering me up. SUPER LOVE YOU <333

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