Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tears For A Loved One

Where is our beloved Sweets*? If anyone knows please tell me! Maybe some of you didn't notice, but Sweets* hasn't been posting for the last week! I check every single day for at least 1 post, but no. Sweets* where are you? Without you, the life has been sucked out of Pico Perfect. Yes, you have guest writers, but you can't rely on us for everything! All of our ideas come from your posts. You are our inspiration Sweets*. All your posts are so interesting to me, as well as all of our readers. Sweets* you go through the most fascinating experiences, and we want to know all about it!
            I guess it is possible that Sweets* might be sick or not feeling well. If so, get well soon Sweets*. Heal yourself  fast, let us see your happy bright face. Let God be on your side, let him bring you health and let no wounds be found. That is, if your sick Sweets*. If your not,  may you have the best of luck on your journey in life. Maybe even Happy Oliver will cross paths with you. Hey, that's lucky! Well, Pico Perfect has been working for a very long time. Lets look back to some of the memories that everyone has shared throughout the months. 
Ah, Mr.Bibo, Catero, and a new friend. What memories have been printed in the cement of life. They cannot be removed, for the times are unforgettable.
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Written By Gαв ℓαяαмιє

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