Sunday, June 26, 2011


                                                     "Hello world
                                                 How've you been?
                                       Good to see you, my old friend
                                        Sometimes I feel cold as steel
                                     Broken like I'm never gonna heal
                                           I see a light, a little hope
                                                    In a little girl
                                                    Hello world"

BOO!!! It's me, remember? GUESS WHAT??? I think I forgot to pay my Internet bill :O LOL just kidding. I may be very forgetful and clueless but I would NEVER, and I mean NEVER forget to pay my bills :p
Last Monday I was sitting pretty in front of my computer with OREO on my lap and a cup of coffee sweetened by some chocolate and ready to mingle with my Picos when suddenly...POOF! Yes, you guessed it, OREO farted... LOL no sillies my Internet went off :(  I immediately called the company and they just fixed it yesterday, OMG, I am sooo angry >:(

But now I am back and ready to get on track, unless OREO farts again, LOL, I mean unless my Internet misbehaves again. OREO has become my little beast, he likes to play rough, tough and mean just like Sam from the iCarly show from Nickelodian. I looove iCarly BTW, especially Sam :)

Anyhow, I REALLY, REALLY want to thank Gαв ℓαяαмιє for the wonderful work she is doing in the blog. Isn't she incredibly amazing? I am so proud of her. Please don't tell her but I am making her my blog partner, she's shown responsibility, dedication and love for the blog and she truly deserves to be by my side.

Earlier today while attending some room events I came upon one that turned out to be an event of a new Pico (ßДßУ✿ ßЯłДЙЙД)  that was in need of earning her stars. And if you know me by now, I couldn't resist welcoming her to our wonderful Pico world. I also had the pleasure of witnessing a very nice Pico willing to answer another Pico's questions.

xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ you are definitely awesome and one of the coolest Picos EVER... I super love you <333

(13:12) Sweets*: hi
(13:12) ßДßУ✿ ßЯłДЙЙД: hiii (:
(13:12) Sweets*: welcome to pico
(13:13) Sweets*: :)
(13:13) ßДßУ✿ ßЯłДЙЙД: ur welome (:
(13:13) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : O.O
(13:13) Sweets*: have a great time
(13:13) ßДßУ✿ ßЯłДЙЙД: thxs
(13:14) ♡¢αяℓч♡яι¢нєz™: Does Anyone Know How To Complete The Fire Dance Quest?
(13:14) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : i know
(13:14) ♡¢αяℓч♡яι¢нєz™: How?
(13:14) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : u use the hula dance
(13:14) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : o.O
(13:14) ♡¢αяℓч♡яι¢нєz™: how many Ppl?
(13:14) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : 4 or 5
(13:14) ♡¢αяℓч♡яι¢нєz™: oh
(13:14) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : at the stage
(13:14) ♡¢αяℓч♡яι¢нєz™: how about the pirate quest?
(13:14) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : shoot the cannons
(13:15) ♡¢αяℓч♡яι¢нєz™: how many ppl?
(13:15) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : shoot all the cannons
(13:15) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : i dunno
(13:15) ♡¢αяℓч♡яι¢нєz™: i need token 2 buy the hula dance
(13:15) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : yea
(13:15) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : or ag
(13:15) ♡¢αяℓч♡яι¢нєz™: ik
(13:15) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : LOL
(13:15) ♡¢αяℓч♡яι¢нєz™: i dont have
(13:16) Sweets*: xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ
(13:16) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : yes?
(13:16) Sweets*: ur room is closed
(13:16) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : belul is my last name
(13:16) Sweets*: i can't ring u
(13:16) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : bellu
(13:16) Sweets*: :(
(13:16) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : O.O
(13:16) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : its ok
(13:16) Sweets*: ok
(13:16) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : doesnt matter
(13:16) Sweets*: ok :)
(13:16) Sweets*: bye have a great day
(13:16) xxSIKxx вєℓℓυ : u 2
(13:16) ♡¢αяℓч♡яι¢нєz™: thx

BTW if you are wondering what the entry to this article is all about, well its part of the lyrics of one of my favorite songs Hello World by Lady Antebellum. Isn't Charles Kelley dreamy? <333 I don't know why but lately I like torturing myself with sad songs. I am a sucker for depressive music, gosh, why do I put myself through this??? LOL :p

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