Monday, May 23, 2011


Just look how beautiful our Oreo looks!

Remember our kitten from his first picture ? Love does miracles indeed, there is no doubt about it :) Oreo has definitely become an inspiration for all of us. He is a happy kitten always playing around and the only times I hear him complain (cry) is when he is hungry or dirty.

Oreo is moving around more, still on his side and usually in reverse... LOL, but every day he seems to be able to sit up for a longer time and will take a step or two before falling back on his side again. Nat (my daughter), Josh (my son) and I sit on the floor and we place Oreo in the middle and we take turns calling him to us. Oreo loooves playing with us and we feel this is a good way of therapy for him.

We still have to feed him and it requires around half an hour to do it. He has difficulty swallowing even liquids, so we have to  carefully and slowly feed him. He is a picky eater and doesn't like spinach but he loves his salmon food which I mix with his kitten formula to make it as liquidy as possible for him.

After he finishes eating, he is usually cover in food and milk, so we clean him with baby wipes which make him feel cold, so I tuck him in, wrapping him up in a baby blanket and softly caress his head and sing to him until he goes to sleep. His favorite song is "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".

We keep Oreo in a laundry basket since we are afraid that he may get hurt on the floor. Funny thing though is we have seen him jump really high, but fortunately he falls back on the soft baby blanket that we placed on his basket.

I went and bought him a whole bunch of baby blankets and stuff animals. He has to have a stuff animal with him at ALL times or else he'll cry. We only put one stuff toy at a time, but he loves all of them. Right now he has 11 stuffed friends (toys). It is funny to see him climb his toys and hug them. Most of the time he will get under the toy to go to sleep.

Now I spend many of my hours looking after Oreo and giving him love. I like taking him out in his basket and placing him next to me while I read. He loves looking at the trees and listening to the birds and cars as they pass by. He also enjoys looking at the children playing at the park across our house. However, if while we are at the park and I take him out from his basket, I have to keep him on me, he seems not to like to be placed on the grass or dirt.

Sadly my poor kitten, since he can't walk or stand up, requires to be cleaned after he has pee or pooped. He will softly cry to let us know he is dirty and will be very still while we clean him. I am very proud of my kids, they will clean him without any complaints. I can go and run errands without any worries, because I know they will take good care of him.

Just to give you an idea of how much we love our baby Oreo, I'll tell you that we had planned to travel this summer on a family vacation. This was before Oreo came into our lives and we were very excited. However having Oreo now has changed everything. Oreo is not in condition to travel and leaving him behind is not an option. We all agree that it was best to cancel our vacation and stay with Oreo. He is our little baby and he needs us now. :)

I'll keep posting for you on Oreo's life every week. Thank you for all your beautiful letters and for all your prayers. My family, Oreo and myself  SUPER LOVE YOU all <333


  1. awwww, i love this post, it makes me giggle so much. he is so cute too.

    - thanks oreo for being an inspiration to me for taking care my shih tzu doggie more. :)

    i feel the love <333

  2. I miss you so much... God bless you and your family.. + Your cute kittie....Please veiw my blog i made a post about you... God bless you Sweets*

    -love Cupcake sweetz