Friday, May 27, 2011

Sweets* :p

Howdy partner!

LOL, just kidding! It's me again Lori Novo, I mean Sweets*. Does anyone out there know how to mend a broken heart? :( Actually mine has been pulverized in a trazillion pieces and at this very moment I am working in collecting ALL the micro-size dust that it has been reduced to. But while I am hurting </3 and super upset
>:( , I'll keep adding more chocolate to my cup of coffee as usual to see if the bitter taste left in my mouth by a bad "Break-up" (in friendship) goes away. BTW, I like adding a spoonful of chocolate to my cup of coffee all the time, you should try it, it tastes like Heaven ;)

If you heard rumors that I left Pico, let me clear that out for you :) They are not rumors, it is in fact the truth. I decided to leave Pico, because Pico is not big enough for two people that unfortunately keep hurting each other :( I raised my head high and walked away with dignity from a situation that was very uncomfortable for me and probably the "other" person as well ;)

Am I ever coming back to Pico? Honestly, I don't know. Maybe with time and when my wings are strong enough again to fly I might return. But for the moment I have found the peace that my heart longed for and I feel serene and collected, LOL, I think it means the same thing.

ANYHOWS :P I am slowly getting back my sense of humor and learning to appreciate myself more even though I was left to feel like a pile of "CRAP" >:( please excuse my language. BTW, always remember that we are all special and just because we don't fit to the measurements someone expects from us doesn't mean we are worthless or nothing... we all are GREAT, WONDERFUL and SPECIAL, me, you and yes even you!!!
Everyone is special in my book.... EVERYONE <333

This blog is NOT closing... it will continue. Even though I am not in Pico, I will keep writing for you random stuff that I hope you'll enjoy. But I ask all my guest writers to PLEASE... PLEASE post at least once weekly articles about Pico. Remember it is called "PICO PERFECT" and I need you to contribute more articles for our dear followers.... PLEASE <333 My dear guest writers, don't make me go in there and kick your butts with my kicker boots... LOL. I need you more then ever.

Now, I got to go find my horse and ride into the sunset with Oreo hanging on my back like a monkey :P



  1. :O Why? (by the way, haha about the Texas greeting)

  2. why did you have to quit sweets? look at your board on pico there are over 1000 posts about how much everyone is already starting to miss you.... I'm having withdraw symptoms D: sweets WE MISS YOU!

  3. hi sweets! Ur as sweet as ur name! I really admire ur blog! So gud..y r u quittin? :(

  4. Sweets*, I had been posting on your message board so many times to don't let you go. I cried for 3 days when I went to your house and ring your room and find some cool stuffs. I feel your anxiety. From your Room title, your description on your room, to your message board. I realized that it is so hard to say goodbye to you love ones. That was you. I found it hard, but I need to let you go Sweets*. I'm still crying while typing my farewell words to you.


    Go back to Pico as soon as possible. It will lessen the heartaches of your beloved fans. I will miss you Sweets* !

    Hope you'll find the peace in your heart

    - Peach ( Owner of the " Heart Of Ameba Pico " blog

  5. did you ever noticed that since catero is gone, sweets* been acting.. idunno uh sad?

  6. I promise you Sweets*! I'm happy I found the time to look at this, you'll be dearly missed. I'll find time to write weekly.

  7. My dear Picos, thanks so much for continuing supporting me and my blog...

    PiePanda, howdy my gal, I am from Texas ;P

    Mudkip2314, I am sorry sweetie to cause you sooo much sadness :(

    Ashley, I am suffering from a broken heart <333

    Anonymous, yes I super miss Catero like a ALOT
    :( He was more than a wonderful friend for me, he was my amgel :(

    Shayna, OMG my sweet girl, thank you so much. I hope my other guest writers do the same for the blog. I am very proud of you <333

  8. Lili Cullen, Saying goodbye to all my dear Picos has been one of the hardest things I have ever done :(

  9. Please read my Post Sweets* !

  10. sweets i miss you my heart is not complete without u

  11. Hi Sweets*! I have changed back to Echiku.
    Here's a link !
    Copy it!!