Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fashion Forefront

Hello Sweets* I hope all is well with you. I'm really sorry to hear that you are leaving Pico and I hope that whenever you do come around and visit Pico, I'll be able to have the honor of being in your sweet and warming presence once more. Until then, I wish you the most happiness and that you find your special place and share your kindness and undeniable warmth with those that need and appreciate it the most.


Written by: ten.ten.

Hi Everyone! It's ten.ten.! Ameba Pico has been gracious enough to present us with releases after releases filled with new and awesome clothing to buy and dress up our Picos with. I don't know about you but I'm very particular with my Pico clothing and sometimes the preview just doesn't do the clothing any justice.

What I find myself doing is holding off on buying pricy items until I see what they look like being accessorized with and worn by other Picos! Even when I do buy an item, I don't always know how to coordinate it. Where might you be able to find such new items being worn almost as soon as they are released? I'm here to tell you.

Well First I hang around in the room where you can buy the item this is to see if anyone is wearing any of them. It's rare but it does happen! If that isn't cutting it, I'll then go to my favorite spots to scout out new clothing buyers.

Off to the Japanese Parks! I'd call this place the most popular spot for new items being worn. Most of the fashionistas go to the Japanese park to show off their newly purchased goods. I call the Japanese park the fashion capital of Pico. You'll find some of the newest, cutest and or weirdest clothing coordinates you'll ever see on the game. The Picos here go big or go home. They don't care if their coordinates are practical or not and that's what I love about this area. You'll see layer after layer of clothing and or wigs!!

The second spot I check for the hottest coordinates is in the Pico High school room. This place was dead to me for the longest time until I found it to be a fashionista hiding spot. You'll usually find a group of Picos not paying attention to the teacher and talking amongst themselves. These Picos might not be the sharpest tools in the shed (compared to the student that got all A's) but just so happen to be the sharpest dressed.

If you still haven't found anything that piqued your interest. Then I suggest Fashion show hopping. Stick around and you might find your dream coordination! Good luck and Happy dressing!

Photo Credit: Aɴиικᴀ ♥, Hope, ♡~ lovelie ~♡, ♡~ love, 可愛乖BB, ▆▇█zhin█▇, 。t a | a 。, ᵜ♠Coĉaine♠ᵜ, Trisha~, TOMO☆DON♡PINK♪, Ten.Ten., ║¥akuZa║-Tämo, ♡☆Hσηєh☆♡, 夜の影 щ(゚Д゚щ)., TOMHIKO

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