Friday, May 13, 2011

Oreo our Kitten

This Picture is when they brought OREO inside the house for me.

Meet my new baby... OREO! <333

Now, I am not talking about my cat OREO in Pico, but my new kitten.

Let me tell you the story of how I  become a new mommy again.

On Wednesday afternoon my son Josh happened to look out the window and noticed a momma cat with her two kittens on top of the roof of a small guest house we have in our backyard. Now, these are not our cats, as a matter of fact we did not have any pets... until  now ;)

Going back to my story... suddenly my son notices that one of the kittens fell from the roof and hits the ground hard. He goes out to check on the kitten and the momma cat is already next to him. My son comes in and tells his sister about the incident but decided to keep it from me since I had gone through alot in the last days and doesn't want to worry me and make me more sad.

However, they slip the following day and tell me what had happened. I tell them to go and see if the kitten is still there, and soon they returns saying yes and that it seems to be dying. At that point I feel like doing something, but what could I possibly do for this poor animal when I needed to be helped too. For some unexplainable reason I asked my family to bring the kitten in so I could see him and I proceeded to fix a carbord box with a blanket so they could carry him back in.

As soon as I saw this defenseless and seriously injured kitten, my tears come rolling down, it seemed as he had broken bones and couldn't stand up. Actually all he can do is toss and turn, he rolls because his fragile body is not responding properly. I felt I had to do something to make him better or stop his pain. I kept thinking, this poor baby has a strong will to survive, he is in alot of pain and still he survived the night alone outside.

I tell my kids to put him in my room, and that we would take it to a veterinarian to be treated the next day. This little kitten had stolen our hearts and we wanted to save him. We gathered and pray to God to help us save this little life. I promised my kids that I would do everything possible to help him and that if he would survive we would keep him.

Today, I took our little kitten to the veterinarian and when I was asked the name of our pet, Oreo came to mind. After carefully checking our baby, the vet said there were no broken bones, however he has suffered head trauma but he still might survive. The vet explained to me that our kitten can't stand and keeps tossing because he is very dizzy from hitting his head so hard. He was given a shot to bring down the inflammation on his head, but at that point that was all they could do for him.

I have Oreo in my room now and we are supposed to feed him and give him his milk very carefully. Actually we have to be holding his head up in order to feed him since he can't do that on his own. The vet suggested giving him lots of love and attention but that's really not a problem for us, especially for me :)

Now, we are supposed to monitor his condition 'til Monday, but if by then there is no improvement, Oreo will have to be put to sleep :(

I ask you that you please pray with us for Oreo, it is a little life that God created and we already love him. He has come into my life right when I am going through very painful and sad times and I see Oreo as a blessing.

I will keep you posted on Oreo's progress :)


  1. thats so sweet and sad! im definatly keeping you all in my prayers tonight :)

  2. Thats.. beautiful sweets! You truley are a sweet mom to everyone including animals :D

  3. Hi Sweet Mom! It's a very good decision to keep the cat and take it to the vet because it wouldn't survive outside without help. It is natural for the mother cat to abandon her kitty if it is weak or sick (it happens a lot especially if the kitty is the runt of the litter). My family has taken care of stray cats and adopted abandoned kittens for years and it is a joy to see them grow healthy. I've learned from my vet that head trauma or injuries on kittens is very serious- some get seizures but can get better after treatment while others, sadly, will have the occasional seizures throughout their life :(. I hope that Oreo will get better, I know he will get better because he has the strong will to live and a loving family to look after him ♥.

  4. I Shall Pray For Oreo, Hope He Becomes healthy and lived a good long life with you sweets ~ <3

    - Des C:

  5. Aw thats so sweet <3 I luv kittens hope Oreo gets better :(

  6. Sweets* thats so kind of you to take in Oreo. You are such a good person with a kind and warm heart. I wish there were more people like you in this world. I will keep Oreo and your family in my prayers. =]

  7. Thanks everyone for your beautiful comments. Now my little Oreo keeps me so busy most of the day. You may be seeing less of me in Pico but I will try to post for you everyday. Super Love You <333

  8. \i hope he gets better, my cat had kittebs a week ago and one of them looks just like oreo, but i will pray for oreo too.