Thursday, September 22, 2011

GOFF☆'s Exquisite Castle

                                         GOFF your castle rocks
                And not only that, but your GOFF☆'s World Blog as well!

Hey GOFF☆, I thought I had the awesomest castle EVER!!! Hey wait, mine is a "PALACE". Hmmm, isn't that the same thing!? Can somebody please tell me the difference!!! I am just so confused now >:(

Anyways, going back to my story.... where was I? Oh yes! Last night I was lucky enough to find your event and discovered what a majestic job you created  in your 16X16 size room.

I absolutely love, love, love the idea of greeting your guest with a delicious hot cup of tea as they walk in.
Was it tea or chocolate? Maybe it was coffee :O  Gosh, I should had served myself a cup of whatever it was. I was so eager to check out the rest of your house that I didn't take the time to sit and smell the roses. Well in this case, smell the drink.

GOFF☆, can I ask you something and you promise to be 100% honest with me? This will stay between us ;) Were you the one that took the horses from Frontier Park? Yesterday I noticed there are no horses anywhere in that area and I see you have two here.

Oh mine, I love balconies, they are sooo romantic <3 I feel like a Juliet, but where is my Romeo? ROMEO WHERE ARE YOU!? Where ever you are, I send you a kiss with my love... hey, that kind of rhymed :) Let me try again...

                                           "Oh Romeo, Oh Romeo
                                     Don't hide from me my Romeo
                                       for when I find you my love
                                         I'll be kicking your butt."

                 Yay! I think I am ready now to write a book of poems ;)

            Another question for you GOFF☆, is your pink panda for reals?

Mr. Tickles and I kept looking at it from the bridge, but it never moved. So then I kept clicking on it and it never gave me a profile. So then I though, OK this might be just a decoration but then when I looked again it was gone.

By the way, the royal family of ducklings is adorable and the pink bunny is SOOO FLUFFY!!!
Remember, So Fluffy, like in the movie Despicable Me when they are at the carnival and the little girl.... Gosh Ok, Ok, I won't tell you the whole movie :P

                                          GOFF☆ can you see me?
Hahaha, I bet you can't but keep looking, and while you do that let me tell you what an absolutely wonderful job you did. Your castle is great, wonderful, beautiful, impressive, stunning.... OK, Ok you get the idea :)))
                                               Bye bye for now <3


  1. Aww.. thanks for promoted my room :)
    and all the nice description, this is so wonderful<3
    actually i saw you in my room this evening but you were sleeping (maybe at the time you are writting this post:D)
    anyway thank you so much for this :)
    this is very nice /heart love it


  2. ahh! and that one.. yeaahh thats PRETTY my panda LOL
    idk why it's be like that maybe ERROR :)