Monday, September 26, 2011


                                        OREO I LOVE YOU! <333
          Are you ready to help me find great Picos' profiles for today's post?

MUSIC = LIFE, you couldn't have said it better, "someone who follows their heart is definitely a weirdo". And I am proud to say that I might just be on the top of the Weirdo list. I have no doubt that even with honors :P

Alucard'', I know things may not look too good for you right now since you have lost your girlfriend. But see the bright side, you have discovered that your friend miles has psychic powers. Hey, you never know, this might come in handy in the future.

 TЯOUBŁEMAKEЯ, I totally agree with you! Who needs pain when there is happiness just around the corner ;)

♣๑тнaea๑♣ why did you had to leave so suddenly? I didn't even get a chance to take your picture to show the Pico world how right you are. You look absolutely adorably cute, like a million bucks with your Non-Ameba Gold clothes :)

Hola ♥AnGiE♥ωФLƒ♥ , your profile says "Hi, my name is Angie, (looking for a boyfriend)", but now I am a bit confused, If you are looking for a boyfriend, why did you ignore that cute Pico that sat by you and was trying to be nice..... hmmmmm?  :P

 ๖ۣۜ♥ Jєssɪє™ are you sure you want to stay single forever and ever and ever, that is really a very long time ;)

TЯOUBŁEMAKEЯ it is good to know that at least you have some love left  in you... there is still hope <3
Wow , you appear twice in this post... good job!

иίcoヅ ™ you are definitely creeping me with your "little button eyes", but in a nice way. You are sooo cute.

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