Saturday, October 22, 2011

Buddy Limit Increased

OMG ╰☆╮ туяα ╰☆╮,

I really don't know if I am allowed to release this information :(  You see the big "papa" heads in Pico quarters entrusted in me with the method of how to break the Buddy List limitation so I could be the only one in Pico with such wonderful privilege.

                                       JUST KIDDING :PPPPPP

I was just lucky to over hear a private conversation going on in Not You's room where they said that the limit has gone up to 200! Yes, you heard me right.... 200!!!

So of course I immediately wanted to see if this was true.... and IT WAS!!!!
I started adding every single person that had so kindly requested my friendship. You can imagine my joy when every time I clicked the "ACCEPT" button, the person was successfully added.... YAY!!!

Now you try it ;)


  1. Yaaay! i wanted to go to 500.. but this is better than nothing. thnx for the update.. if i hadnt read it here 1st, i never wud have figured it out! lol.. FYI. feel free to add me on pico.. Pico ID: Tiffany Pink. :)

  2. I remember seeing recently in a blog post some where it showed a picture from the Ameba Pico Info site and it said that we could have unlimited? Not sure if its true..

  3. i think the limit might be over 200 actually. i saw some picos with over 200.