Wednesday, October 12, 2011

candy worker's room

                                             LOOKY HERE!!!!!
 I found a great room. It belongs to our friend  candy worker from Monaco.
This proves my point again that BIGGER doesn't always necessarily mean BETTER! His room is one of the small ones but he has done an incredible job decorating it. He gets my vote and two-thumbs up from me. He also gets a kiss....mmmmuuuuuuaaaah :)))


  1. Wow ! Amazing ^^ she has her own creativity .. I love the way she make's it ! she get 3 thumbs from me :)

  2. Dear pico perfect
    hey it is me candy worker im boy not girl im always say thank's ^^ for pico perfect this is Perfect blog always say thank's ^^

    Candy worker
    love PICO Perfect ^^

  3. Candy worker is not from Monaco =,= he is from Indonesia -w-