Friday, March 16, 2012


OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! I finally figured out how to take BIG screen pictures with my Mac (Macky as I named it). It was as simple as one, two, three! Actually it was just COMMAND/SHIFT/3... YAY! :P
And to think that some people thought I couldn't do it :PPP

Now, let us continue with our post for today :)

cheocheo and Sweets* 

Cheocheo... so handsome... so
that is cheocheo but in Second Life

This is how cheocheo looks in Pico.
Can you tell the difference?
I can't.
I finally convinced him to join me in Pico.
How could he resist me, I am so charmingly convincing.
He will be coming with me everyday.
cheocheo, remember you promised me :P

Anyways girls, do you think I should give cheocheo a make-over?
I really don't know if he needs one. He has been having good luck with the ladies here.
Just today at the Spanish Park, a girl came up to him, and standing between us, she asked him to be her boyfriend.
Cheocheo's reply to her...

"kisses doll"

OMG cheocheo, you have a way with words, no wonder you have girls melting at your feet all the time :p

While we were at the park, I had the pleasure of meeting ☆LσOkιттα☆™ from Chile. She loves to dance like I do.

Hola amiga <3

And here we have
мαя¢єℓιηє™ ☠☮✔ from Japan.
She immediately paid me a visit when she noticed I was online.

She is the owner of the
Royal Bride Family
(OMG I looove royalty)
Marceline Blog
She posted in her blog about our encounter today.

Thank you sweetie, what a great honor <333

Minutes later,
we were joined by the spunky Kαмяуη from the USA.
I was so touched by her enthusiasm when she saw me
that she, together with marceline, had me feeling tickles in my heart <3

by then, cheocheo had stepped to the side to let me enjoy the moment with my guests.
thank you cheocheo.... muah <3