Sunday, March 18, 2012

RL Bruno Mars

Oh Lord,
I had nooo idea I was so charmingly irresistible!
Yeah right!
I wish :(
But at least that is what our Pico Bruno Mars thought.
All it took was to see me smile
and then....
he surrendered to my charm.

Bruno 09:  (I am bruno mars in real life)

but my little Pico heart is already taken
I am probably old enough to be your mother :)
Still I send you a
BIG bear hug <3

(02:08) Bruno 09: hello i'm bruno mars
(02:08) Sweets*: hi
(02:08) Bruno 09: I am bruno mars in real life
(02:09) Sweets*: you are?
(02:09) Bruno 09: yes
(02:09) Bruno 09: I from los angeles
(02:09) Sweets*: I am Sweets*
(02:09) Sweets*: nice to meet you
(02:10) Bruno 09: your so cute when you smiling
(02:10) Sweets*: :)
(02:10) Bruno 09: :)
(02:12) Bruno 09: I love u
(02:12) Bruno 09: I love you very much
--- You have moved to my little corner

After he declared his love for me
 I flew the scene without even a goodbye and went into hiding.

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