Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day One

Ameba Pico officials alert all citizens of the new  Blue Heart Challenge that has just started.
Minutes later the cameras of casino SLOT #22 captured Sweets* sneaking in trying to disguise her appearance so not to be recognized. She carefully looks around, making sure no one has noticed her presence. 

She notices there is an empty seat waaaay in the back next to ⓣ™❍ʀɛ❍●.inⓒ who is singing and dancing on her chair. She takes the seat next to her quietly, thinking that ⓣ™❍ʀɛ❍●.inⓒ's behavior will distract the attention away from her.

Slots are in her favor. Sweets* seems to be getting high numbers with every spin. But she remains calm, she must or she'll get discovered.

ⓣ™❍ʀɛ❍●.inⓒ, Gaby, Sweets*, cheocheo


out of nowhere....

"Addicted to gambling ha?"

Gaby and cheocheo confront Sweets* and after minutes of trying an intervention with her to save her from the hell of the gambling fever, they realize that Sweets* is no longer gamble-free, she has become a prisoner of the Vega's Casinos.
Gaby leaves knowing that there is no use.
However cheocheo remains faithfully by Sweets*'s side. And he too becomes another victim to the gambling epidemic that has come over our Pico world.

We were able to get evidence of how Sweets* did on her first day.

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