Friday, April 6, 2012

Goal Suceeded

Sweets*: Cheo, look this is the outfit I won
in the White Tiger Challenge.
Do you like it,
tell me, do I look pretty?

tell meeee! Do I, Do I???
cheocheo: Yes Sweets*, you look beautiful :)
Sweets*: Hmmm, you are just saying that :/

Kids, listen to me carefully.
Gambling is bad. Do not gamble. I repeat, Do not gamble.
And what do I do?

I ended up with a flat and squared butt from sitting for hours trying to clear the five levels needed to complete the 
White Tiger Challenge. I know there is no excuses for me for not practicing what I preach and I should be ashamed of myself. But I am not :P

I am actually very proud. 

Not for gambling, but for taking on a challenge with less then a day left to complete and not giving up even though I was falling asleep all over my keyboard. There were times that I was very close to giving up, but I stayed strong to what I had started and I wasn't gonna go down easily. No way!
I ignored the pile of dirty laundry that kept staring at me from the laundry room.  I ignored Gaby's pleas to go over to her room.... 

"Not now Gaby, hush, I can't talk now. Need my full concentration.",  
"But Sweets*...", 
"Gaby hush, you'll see me again when it's all over, now hush!".

And with an hour to spare, it was over!

I returned to my Pico room carrying all the great prizes I won. Too bad Gaby couldn't see them since it was way late at night  and she was already all tucked in bed :P

Following are a few photos of the Picos that I saw at the casino.


She gambled all the way from a corner of the casino. I wonder how she did that. She just kept dancing and dancing at all time. Love her red neck bow but especially her high spirit because even though she had been banned for a reason unknown to me, since I didn't dare ask her so not to make her cry, she never stopped smiling :)))

Kyary ☆

Came up to where I was, said hi with a big smile, threw a kiss and then left just like that :P


WHAT A sweet SMILE :)))

One of the most beautiful Picos definitely :)

M O T!

You know how I become weak at my knees for a man with a mustache, but the pink dress is too much for me to handle, sorry :(
And why didn't you give me a chance to take your photo?
You disappeared so quickly from the casino I didn't even get a chance to take my camera out from my purse.


She must have been doing good for she never stopped dancing.


What a beautiful mass you are.
I totally love it!


what a cutie you are.
Sitting next to me it was so hard to concentrate on the game.
I just had to move a seat away :P


You got style.
You got class.
You got the new dress from the Easter Egg Room :O
You were definitely one of the best dressed in the casino.

And finally we have 


who lost even his clothes during the challenge.
Now you see why I say 

Gambling is bad. Do not gamble. I repeat, do not gamble.

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