Friday, April 13, 2012

Indonesia Earthquake Park

that is exactly what I was thinking.
as I say.
(BTW, cacahuates means peanuts in Spanish)

I  want to know, why does the park look like so simple?

Am I missing something???

Their purpose for this park:

April 12, 2012
Opening Of Indonesia Earthquake Park
Dear Pico Users,
Thank you for playing Pico World.We sympathize with the situation about the large scale earthquake in Indonesia which occurred on April 11th 2012.
In regards of the emergency situation, we are opening  "Indonesian Earthquake Park", a park for users to exchange information about the earthquake, any aftershock or tsunami alert.
We hope for everyone's safety around the area.
Pico staff

My beautiful Indonesian brothers and sisters, all my love and prayers are with you <3

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  1. I also thought of Ciel, but then she told me she is fine :P