Thursday, April 12, 2012

OREO The Critical Cat

I am so happy because this is the first Photoshop photo I get. Thanks to cheocheo that is helping me  understand the program. I must say he is being very patient with me. Thank you so much cheo... SuPeR LoVe You <333


Anyhows :P

Yesterday our friend Rihnu リヌ was very surprised to finally find me in my room. I had made a quick stop to feed my three pets when she walked in.  As we were talking, she so kindly put out some food for my pets, the good kind that you buy with AG, but for some reason, OREO was not drinking the milk she had set out for her. OREO kept staring at it with an expression of confusion. Me, feeling very embarrassed by her behavior to our kind guest, tried to find a million excuses of why she wasn't showing interest in the gift.

"Oh, I think OREO is on a diet."
"She is probably in shock of getting such a fancy bowl of milk."
"She is saving it for a special occasion."

Well, I really didn't know what else to come up to excuse OREO.
At the end,
OREO ended up licking the bowl clean :)))

Rihnu リヌ thank you so much for your visit and for my pets' food.

(08:26) Sweets*: I just got this dance
(08:26) Sweets*: and now I can't stop dancing (Side Swing Dance)
(08:26) Rihnu リヌ: lol that's what people feel
(08:26) Rihnu リヌ: when got a new action
(08:26) Sweets*: I know :))
(08:26) Rihnu リヌ: dont want to stop it
(08:26) Rihnu リヌ: until bored xD
(08:26) Sweets*: I love it
(08:26) Sweets*: and I also needed this one (Ballerina Dance)
(08:27) Rihnu リヌ: that's one is cutee
(08:27) Sweets*: a ballerina bee
(08:27) Rihnu リヌ: lol
(08:27) Rihnu リヌ: spring bee
(08:27) Sweets*: yeah :)
(08:27) Rihnu リヌ: keke you'r private
(08:27) Rihnu リヌ: and i found you >.>
(08:27) Sweets*: I am always on private :(
(08:28) Rihnu リヌ: why?
(08:28) Rihnu リヌ: im private too lol
(08:28) Sweets*: I get too nervous and shy if there's too many ppl
(08:28) Sweets*: I just IDK what to do
(08:28) Rihnu リヌ: i see
(08:28) Rihnu リヌ: it's hard

(08:28) Rihnu リヌ: why shyy ? you'r cutee mom
(08:28) Sweets*: I become extremely shy
(08:28) Sweets*: and quiet
(08:28) Rihnu リヌ: :O i never know that
(08:28) Rihnu リヌ: let's call it
(08:29) Rihnu リヌ: Mom's fact
(08:29) Sweets*: lol
(08:29) Rihnu リヌ: 1) she's quietly shy
(08:29) Sweets*: :)
(08:29) Rihnu リヌ: 2) she got 2 pets from her friends
(08:29) Rihnu リヌ: 3) her cat's on diet
(08:29) Rihnu リヌ: xD
(08:29) Sweets*: lol
(08:29) Sweets*: that's funny
(08:29) Sweets*: look Oreo is still staring at it
(08:29) Rihnu リヌ: xD
(08:30) Rihnu リヌ: yes
(08:30) Rihnu リヌ: he is shy and stuck up cat
(08:30) Rihnu リヌ: double combo
(08:30) Sweets*: lol
(08:30) Sweets*: OREO EAT!
(08:30) Rihnu リヌ: he will be really quiet
(08:30) Rihnu リヌ: lol
(08:30) Sweets*: lol
(08:31) Sweets*: maybe he is sad
(08:31) Rihnu リヌ: The Diary of Diet Cat
(08:31) Sweets*: because I don't come often
(08:31) Rihnu リヌ: waa :(
(08:31) Sweets*: :(((
(08:32) Rihnu リヌ: maybe she's
(08:32) Rihnu リヌ: giving you punishment
(08:32) Rihnu リヌ: by demo not eat
(08:32) Sweets*: probably :)
(08:32) Rihnu リヌ: critical cat
(08:32) Sweets*: I should take him out for a walk
(08:32) Rihnu リヌ: yess
(08:32) Rihnu リヌ: only your dog that has male gender
(08:32) Sweets*: I wish I could take all three out at the same time
(08:33) Rihnu リヌ: yess
(08:33) Sweets*: I call them all he
(08:33) Rihnu リヌ: why
(08:33) Sweets*: LOl
(08:33) Sweets*: IDK
(08:33) Rihnu リヌ: OwO
(08:33) Rihnu リヌ: because
(08:33) Rihnu リヌ: we cant see the difference
(08:33) Sweets*: actually I call them whatever comes to mind first he or she LOL
(08:33) Rihnu リヌ: yes
(08:33) Rihnu リヌ: wkwkwk
(08:33) Sweets*: tomorrow OREO will be a she
(08:33) Sweets*: LOL
(08:33) Rihnu リヌ: lol
(08:34) Rihnu リヌ: transgender
(08:34) Sweets*: lol
(08:34) Sweets*: maybe that is why he is not eating
(08:34) Sweets*: I mean she  :P
(08:34) Rihnu リヌ: o_o
(08:34) Rihnu リヌ: she/he
(08:34) Sweets*: lol
(08:34) Rihnu リヌ: lets just
(08:34) Rihnu リヌ: call it
(08:34) Rihnu リヌ: * "It"
(08:34) Sweets*: it'll be easier
(08:34) Sweets*: LOL
(08:34) Rihnu リヌ: xD
(08:35) Rihnu リヌ: It doesnt want to eat that >:(
(08:35) Rihnu リヌ: hey yoou oreo eat that, it cost tokeen
(08:35) Rihnu リヌ: lol
(08:35) Sweets*: lol
(08:35) Rihnu リヌ: oreo seems
(08:35) Rihnu リヌ: doesnt like to eat token's food
(08:35) Sweets*: lol
(08:35) Rihnu リヌ: why do the dog
(08:36) Sweets*: he is used to the cheap stuff
(08:36) Rihnu リヌ: always there
(08:36) Sweets*: lol
(08:36) Rihnu リヌ: lol
(08:36) Sweets*: Oreo is thinking
(08:36) Rihnu リヌ: forever alone lvl : mr. tickles
(08:36) Rihnu リヌ: he is shy
(08:36) Sweets*: this is too fancy for me
(08:36) Rihnu リヌ: the turtle is the oldest
(08:37) Sweets*: yes
(08:37) Sweets*: that was my first pet
(08:38) Sweets*: I wish they would sell pigs
(08:38) Rihnu リヌ: pig?
(08:38) Sweets*: yes
(08:38) Rihnu リヌ: i wish they sell eagle
(08:38) Sweets*: or frogs
(08:38) Rihnu リヌ: so i can ride on it
(08:38) Rihnu リヌ: and fly away]
(08:38) Sweets*: oh yes
(08:38) Rihnu リヌ: =))
(08:38) Sweets*: lol
(08:38) Rihnu リヌ: frog will be jump around
(08:40) Rihnu リヌ: omg the cat
(08:40) Rihnu リヌ: i cant pet the cat
(08:40) Sweets*: lol
(08:40) Rihnu リヌ: disabled way
(08:40) Rihnu リヌ: oreoo
(08:41) Sweets*: lets go to room 2
(08:41) Rihnu リヌ: ok
--- You have moved to Welcome
(08:41) Sweets*: brought him with me
 (Rihnu リヌ places once again the bowl of fancy milk on the floor for OREO and she finally drinks it)
(08:41) Sweets*: YAY!
(08:41) Rihnu リヌ: B-)
(08:41) Sweets*: he was cold
(08:41) Rihnu リヌ: lol
(08:42) Sweets*: he was trapped in the water
(08:42) Rihnu リヌ: he was swimming
(08:42) Rihnu リヌ: eh, floating?
(08:42) Sweets*: a swimming cat
(08:42) Sweets*: lol
(08:42) Rihnu リヌ: lol

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