Sunday, March 31, 2013


Happy Easter!

Somebunny loves you all so much..
Who can it be???


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let Me Shed A Tear

Big Girls Don't Cry

Big girls DO cry, at least this one does ;)

Let me shed a tear when I feel that my heart has been broken by love.
Let me shed a tear when I see the sadness in a child's eyes
Or when I see innocence disappearing from a human's heart.
Let me shed a tear when the butterfly can no longer fly because of a broken wing,
Or when I no longer find joy in the rain but instead it feels cold on my skin.
Let me shed a tear when I see injustice being done on a defenseless being and there is nothing I can do to stop it.
Or when my words no longer bring you joy but may cause you pain.
Let me shed a tear when I can no longer remember the smile of a long gone friend,
And for all those memories that are waiting to be made but because of his absence they now linger forever in the air.
Let me shed a tear for those words I meant to say but instead I kept thinking there would be more time.

Let me shed a tear every time you tell me that you love me and I feel it so sincere.
Or when I hear the music in the wind.
Let me shed a tear when every raindrop feels like heavenly caresses on my skin.
And when I see God's love in your eyes as you talk to me.
Let me shed a tear when my bare feet caress the earth as I run on a hill.
and when, in my dreams, you visit me and I can touch your hand.
Let me shed a tear when I see a child smile and his innocence lights everything around him.
Let me shed a tear when I see you stretching out your hand to someone that has fallen.
and when I see the bird flying freely in the blue sky as it is meant to be.

Just let me shed a tear of joy... a tear of love!

Big Girls Don't Cry

❤ Please keep Spreading The Lov

Sunday, March 3, 2013

One Way or Another

Couldn't wait to compose a post to feature my song for the day,
One Way or Another with One Direction.
For now, enjoy the  fabulous video while I work on the rest of my post.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

L❤ving Y❤u ❥

Loving You

Loving You means wanting to see you smile all the time 

YouTube Video ~ fieldy227's channel

You can COPY and PASTE these symbols from SL: Lori Novo Blog

❁◕ ‿ ◕❁      ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀      ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿      ✤◕ ‿ ◕✤ 
≧❁‿❁≦      ≧❀‿❀≦      ≧✿‿✿≦      ≧✤‿✤≦ 
✿◠‿◠)       ❀◠‿◠)       ❁◠‿◠)       ✤◠‿◠) 
(◡‿◡✿)      (◡‿◡❁)      (◡‿◡❀)      (◡‿◡✤) 
( ✤‿✤ )  ( ✿‿✿ ) ( ❀‿❀ ) ( ❁ ‿❁ ) 
╍❁‿❁╍      ╍❀‿❀╍      ╍✿‿✿╍      ╍✤‿✤╍ 
乂❁‿❁乂    乂❀‿❀乂    乂✿‿✿乂    乂✤‿✤乂 
ͼ(❁‿❁)ͽ     ͼ(❀‿❀)ͽ     ͼ(✿‿✿)ͽ     ͼ(✤‿✤)ͽ 
〷❁‿❁〷    〷❀‿❀〷    〷✿‿✿〷    〷✤‿✤〷 
ʕ❁ᴥ❁ʔ      ʕ❀ᴥ❀ʔ      ʕ✿ᴥ✿ʔ      ʕ✤ᴥ✤ʔ 
(っ❁‿❁)っ ♥ (っ❀‿❀)っ ♥ (っ✿‿✿)っ ♥ (っ✤‿✤)っ ♥ 
%❁‿‿❁%    %❀‿‿❀%     %✿‿‿✿%    %✤‿‿✤% 
凸(❁‿❁)    凸(❀‿❀)     凸(✿‿✿)     凸(✤‿✤) 
☜(❁‿❁)☞   ☜(❀‿❀)☞    ☜(✿‿✿)☞   ☜(✤‿✤)☞ 
٩(❁‿❁)۶    ٩(❀‿❀)۶    ٩(✿‿✿)۶    ٩(✤‿✤)۶ 
(❁‿◠)✌     (❀‿◠)✌     (✿‿◠)✌     (✤‿◠)✌ 
(❁‿‿❁)    (❀‿‿❀)    (✿‿‿✿)    (✤‿‿✤) 
(~_❁)      (~_❀)       (~_✿)       (~_✤) 
(*‿^)✿     (*‿^)❁      (*‿^)❀     (*‿^)✤
Loving You

❤ HuGGs