Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cat in Pink

I don't know if you have noticed but my sweet Catero has been wearing pink... FOR ME, just kidding! He is joining me along with some of my other good friends in wearing pink in support of Breast Canser Awareness month.

Yesterday he picked me up and took me shopping to the Flea Market for a handbag he had seen and liked it for me.

Mary the girl at the shop brought the Featherly Seasonal Basket Bag that Catero liked so much and paid her the 200 AG.

We looked around at the Flea Market for a while, than we decided to head back home, since it was getting late.

Once we got home we sat the table and had our dinner, we talked about how well Pico Perfect is going thanks to you all :D

So we decided to celebrate by dancing the success of OUR blog!

But my poor Cat had worked all day long and soon he got tired. I tried to get him up but he couldn't keep up with me.

So he decided to leave since it was already very late. But before he left,
he let me know how proud he was of me <3 xoxox My sweet friend, good night and sweet dreams xoxox


  1. His profile made me laugh. xD
    You really are an amazing writer. :D

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