Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday Extras

My dear friend Catero...

"Don't try to understand me, just love me the way I am :( "

Beautiful .Bells wrote this on her amazing blog for me after I posted a
"THANKS to a very special Pico Perfect fan" for her.

I would like to share it with you today :D

Thursday, October 7, 2010
A very special and sweet blog from sweet_mom
Many of you have heard of sweet_mom on pico. For those of you who haven't she used to be a guest author for PicoStyle and now has her own blog Pico Perfect. She covers everything from cute picos she meets to the latest shops and items. Her blog is incredible. You should check it out the next time you have the chance. It's incredible. She has inspired my blog in a way no other pico blog has, and for this I am very grateful. And then a few days ago. I got to meet her! I was just going to a props event and there she was. I didn't recognize her initially because I was trying to get my props but I realized who she was pretty quickly and was so excited! My Blogger and Pico hero! In the flesh (figuratively). Then over the course of a few days we became very good friends. She is such a sweetie. I am so grateful for the chance to have met and now be friends with such an amazing.

Isn't she just so sweet. So here is a shout out and a thank you to my very good friend. sweet_mom

xoxoxox Thank you my sweet .Bells xoxoxox

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