Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lolita's Fashion

A while back I attended a Fashion Event which I loooove so much. They are so much fun and I'm always eager to see what themes they are going to come up with and how I can pull them off sucessfully to get me on the three top places.

However, when the host announced the next theme was "LOLITA"...I had no idea what she was talking about :(

Feeling ashamed of how clueless I was, I excused myself and left immmediately. Once in my room I decided to learn more about this trend.

The Lolita Fashion originated in Japan in the late 70's and it's primarily influenceed by the Victorian clothing and from the Rococo period costumes.

Gothic and original designs have been added which makes Lolita into a unique fashion.

Style types

Sweet Lolita

This design style focused on the child and fantasy aspect. It comes in the lighter colors and child candy girl.

Themes for the swweet Lolita design consist on fruits, flowers, lace, bows, animals, Alice in Wonderland and other classic fairy tales. Hair accessory
are popular for the Lolita look. Jewelry,stuffed animals, and purses with a princess-like design are part of the look.

Gothic Lolita

In the late 1990's, this particular Lolita look originated. This style are inspired by music, especially visual kei, which is the visual roch genre; this is a combination of rock music with visual effects and costumes.

The Gothic Lolita consists on dark colors like black, purple, and dark blue. The french maid dresses are made in black with white accents. Gothic style crosses and religious symbols are used for the Gothic look.

Classic Lolita

This is a more sophisticated mature style, focusing on Regency, Rococo and the Baroque look, this is between the Gothic and sweet styles.

Punk Lolita

This style is based on tattered fabric, ties, safety pins, and chains, plaids. Blouses, cutsews and skirts are the most popular garments for this look. For footwaer boots are commonly worn.

There are other styles in The Lolita Line...Wa Lolita, Qi Lolita,
Ōji (Boystyle), Hime Lolita, Guro Lolita and Sailor Lolita.

Luckely our friend Vivienne (downtown NY) has an awsome collection in her shop to choose from, from the sweet to the gothic (both men and women), over fifty pieces that you can mix-n-match. Unfortunate most of this collection is available with Ameba Gold.

Below I have put together all the different outfits you can find in her shop.

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