Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Pico's Perspective

I am very happy to introduce you my new guest blogger Yukina Dae Kim. Welcome :D I'll be the sugar and she'll be the spice!

WRITTEN BY, Yukina Dae Kim

My other three picos started as a way to feed the pets of my main pico so that she would be able to save gummies. However, as I began to explore our little virtual community in the guises of my other picos I noticed a few unsettling things about the way in which picos perceive each other.

It's strange that in such a happily themed cyber environment people can still manage to find such shallow things to be hung up on such as:

Star level
Ameba gold items

Honestly I find the looks thing the most preposterous of all as we are the creators of our image and any ugly likenesses created are intentional.

My adventures in Ameba Pico vary greatly based upon the aforementioned list. For example, my male pico can hardly leave his room with out swarms of pubescent girls throwing themselves at him. I have made him extra handsome, so one could hardly blame them; but how would they feel to know that he's really a grown woman that just wanted to see what pico had to offer in the boy clothes department, lol?

I have an African American female pico that wears only gummie clothes. When I am her I noticed that I do not receive nearly the amount of props or respect that I get with my Asian avatar, male avatar, or my main avatar which is also an African American female pico. The difference, however, between the two would be that my main Avatar, for the most part, only wears gold clothes and is a relatively well known pico. Even with that being said there are picos I have props and rang as my main avatar that have never returned the favor, yet I have props and rang the very same picos as Yukina and the gesture was reciprocated immediately.

Please don't misunderstand me. I am not complaining. In fact noticing these quirky things has given me a greater pico experience and a little more to do once daily quest for gummies has ended. I shall continue with my explorations in Ameba Pico with renewed enthusiasm brought on by the prospect of learning something new and fascinating about the cyber world in which we live.

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