Sunday, October 31, 2010

Meet Oreo

HOLD ON!!! No, No... this is not "OREO", this is mr. bibo, and why am I showing him to you? well, I have news for you my dear Pico Perfect fans.
Mr. bibo is not my friend, mr. bibo is my husband in REAL LIFE. We've been happily married for 15 years. I decided to bring into Pico the representation of my husband to accompany me in all my Pico adventures.

Now that the truth about mr. bibo is out... I can now introduce to you my new pet.

Meet OREO... my new beautiful black cat.

Thursday morning when my husband and I were having a conversation about Mr. Tickles and Picolly (my other two pets) and how different their personalities are, he surprised me by telling me he wanted to get me a new pet. You can imagine how happy I was.... I LOVE PETS!

So off to New Zealand we go to the pet farm in search of my new pet.

He said I could get ANY pet I wanted. My husband is always sooo loving to me and he is always trying to find ways to make me happy :)

While I was deciding on what new pet I wanted this time, mr. bibo disappear for a while but soon reappeared acting so silly wearing a new pair of black kitty ears (180 AG). He has the greatest sence of humor :D

After being looking around for a while for the perfect new pet and mr. bibo's little joke, I made up my mind... I WANTED A CAT!

This is the special moment when OREO and I met for the first time. It was those beautiful expressive eyes that melt and tickled my heart and I knew that was the perfect pet for me... I don't know why, but cats seem to have that effect on me...LOL.

When I got Oreo home, she seemed scared at first. And to top it off Mr. Tickles and Picolly hid from her. I don't know if they were shy or just plain jelouse. It took them a while to welcomed OREO into their home.

Notice OREO's beautiful eyes, aren't they just so gorgeous!

It took me a while to make OREO feel comfortable in her new home. I had to keep reassuring her that we loved her and were happy to have her home with us as part of sweet_mom's family.

Finally feeling more relaxed she fell asleep on my leg. I LOVE MY NEW CAT!!!

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