Thursday, November 4, 2010


People ask me why am I always posting pictures of random Picos, and my answer is always the same.... WHY NOT?

Just for the fact of being a FRIENDLY PICO is reason enough for me to want to post their picture on my Pico Perfect Blog.

I love it when Picos come from out of no where and join me in having a good time. Sometimes I notice Picos that are being nice to everyone around them and that just does it for me. Being funny, kind and friendly is what catches my eye. These wonderful Picos deserve to be part of my blog.

In another words, I love to go out there and mingle with my Picos so I can show you what PICO is all about =)

axis is my "PICO OF THE DAY"

I noticed her at Park Pond when I was welcoming a new girl to Pico with firecrackers. She seemed to be the only one that noticed what I was doing, and being pleased with my actions she was clapping for me. That showed me she does care what is going around her and appreciates a random act of kindness.

After a while she joined me and we danced and spent a great time together.

Gien, came running straight to me from the other side of Park Pond when he saw me dancing and joined me. Thought he never spoke a word, he seemed to be enjoying spending time with me =)

Now beautiful Lala Cullen♡ was introduced to me at Beginner's Plaza by my cutie picotutie Happy Clover. She is one of the sweetest people I have met and the way she was dressed made her look like a beautiful PINK FLOWER :)

Little cutie picotutie Rock Star was looking for his mommy everywhere :(
He looked so defensless that I just wanted to pick him up and bring him home with me. I hope he finds his mommy soon.

Isn't he just sooo ADORABLE?

I found wan-chuu-three suspended on the air at Park Pond. We had a small conversation and she stayed that way the whole time.... she was sooo cute.

Mint was my cheerleader companion of the day. Though we went for different teams (me the red team, her the pink team) we got along wonderfully :) There was no rivalry whatsoever but we enjoyed out time together as a TEAM!

My beautiful Picos, I'll try and go out there to mingle with you everyday so you can be part of Pico Perfect Blog... so be kind to each other!
LoVe YoU AlL

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