Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mingle With My Picos

It's truly a wonderful world =)

The Pico of the day is ( Tasha ). She appeared in my room like a ray of sunshine and repeatedly stated that she is my #1 FAN =). After talking with her for a while I realized this ray of sunshine was sincerely happy to have finally met me in person.

"Sweetie, the honor is all mine... Have a wonderful day :)"

I was so glad when I bumped into my dear friend 。◕‿◕。ⓟⓔⓠⓤⓔ♡ at Beginners Plaza. We had only been comunicating by Pico letters so seeing each other was wonderful. She's not only a SUPER sweet girl but she speaks spanish too....YAY =)

Please make sure you visit her blog: http://pequepico.blogspot.com/

Cutie Picotutie ♥♪Jèșșȉė1099♪♥ sent me a letter when she saw me at Beginners Plaza since we weren't buddies at the time, it went something like this... " I saw your blog, I LOVE your blog and sweet_mom if you are hungry I am going to feed you until you are full".

Guess what? she fed me until I was full and now we are friends :))))

Bone Chan♪, my hip-hop girl, I was glad to see her again. Last time I saw her was three weeks ago in downtown NY. I was happy to see that she still has those great moves and high spirits.

Now here we have another wonderful Pico! Bow- was so kind to share her food with me and others. She is very friendly and a wonderful person to talk too, I really hope we meet again.

OMG! It was a great day of bumping into old friends and enjoying a good time together. When I saw my friend Hottie Totti ツ, I was so excited. She is a fun girl to hang around with!

"LoVe YoU!"

me♡... sooo sweet and sooo friendly. She came up to me and we just clicked right away even though we didn't understand each other (She only speaks Japanese), but believe it or not, we only kept bowing to each other for minutes and that was good comunication for us.

This is the times when I wish I could kick my own butt for not speaking Japanese and missing on a wonderful conversation with a great friend :(

MINGLE FROM THE PAST (photos taken on Oct. 28, 2010)

Just taking a nap with my buddy shin chan.

★salt went fishing and see what she caught...LOL!

jb0xtchi looks sooo cute =)

I love to dance, thank you for joining me :)

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