Friday, December 17, 2010

Mingle With My Picos Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

As I gently opened my window early at dawn, the new day greets me by tenderly caressing my cheek, as the wind softly blows on my face, caressing every strand of my hair and whispering a soft melody in my ears.
Oh Glorious Day... How good you are to me. "I give myself to you, I am your gift. You and only you have the power to make the best of me", it says to me. How true these wise words are, for only I own this... MY day. I have been given the power and knowledge, to direct my day as I choose. No one can bring me down for I have the power and have chosen to be strong.  I f I should come upon a struggle and fall, I will pick myself up and fight even stronger. If someone dares to put me down, I will raise myself and try even harder.
I own my life and destiny, no one else does, but me. So today I choose to trust in GOD and I dedicate my life to him.

Written By sweet_mom

My Pico Of The Day Is  Sammi! : )  from Japan!

Oh, so patiently she waited for me to return from AFK (away from Keyboard). And after MINUTES of waiting, she received me with genuine JOY. We had a chat for a while about her BEAUTIFUL country and about the difference between our TIMES in the clock :)

They say PATIENCE is a VIRTUE.... Thank you Sammi! : ) for waiting!

My good friend ♪♫♪Bⓐⓑⓨappeared at my room wearing a BEAUTIFUL sparkling grin of CONFIDENCE. Picolly (my turtle) and Mr. Tickles (my dog) joined us for this LOVELY picture.

♪♫♪Bⓐⓑⓨthank you for you visit ;)

" Mirror, mirror on the wall, PLEASE tell me who is the prettiest girl in Pico now!",
and the mirror responded...

"KaguYa of course is the most beautiful girl in Pico now!"

Looking as Wonderful as she did, I have to agree with our PICO MIRROR.

Two LOVELY girls in the garden in Pico. Glowing with BEAUTY and seeming to collect FLOWERS and STARS to share with us, standing side by side  Mabellin and ♥ PinKQi ♥,Oh what a beautiful sight!

Til tomorrow, always remember YOUR LIFE belongs to YOU, It is PRECIOUSDo what is BEST to make it WONDERFUL! Don't allow NEGATIVE people or situations bring you DOWN!

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