Friday, December 17, 2010

░ sweet_mom's
ChRiStMaS Tree ░

Today's CHRISTMAS TREE was beautifully decorated by my following Picos...

Iki (from France)    Tokito (from France)   Pho. (from The United States Of America) 

Roley  (from Saudi Arabia)   XCaTzX (from Scotland)    matt.chan (Canada)       
Rayna Skye (from The United States Of America)    glorygoth (from Chile)

ccstelladolce  (from Italy)    *Haven* (from The United States Of America)  
ÐIAM0NÐ-|Ndre| (from Indonesia)   daphneann Baby (from Hong Kong)

BTW: Some Picos May Be Featured On My Trees More Than One Time.

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