Friday, December 17, 2010

The Mushroom Task :)

What a WONDERFUL surprise it was to be greeted by a very special INVITATION from Mr. Shepherd from New Zealand!

Faster than lightning I travel to The Pet Farm in New Zealand to meet with
Mr.Shepherd. Like always he received me with a BIG smile :D

He explained to me that he was getting too old, therefore, he needed help collecting MUSHROOMS to feed SANTA'S REINDEER.

And if you know me, I am always WILLING and READY to help anyone that needs help. He provided me with a beautiful basket where I was to bring him  SEVEN mushrooms.

So off to The Mushroom Forest I went to look for Mr. Shepherd's grandson TONY!

I was so glad to see so MANY Picos wanting to help Mr. Shepherd with the task of collecting mushrooms!

ALWAYS REMEMBER that is very COOL to help out whenever we can especially our ELDERLY ;)

After my good boy TONY explained to me how to find and collect the mushrooms, I went to work. I remember the POOR Reindeer, they must be HUNGRY!

With every mushroom I would find, it would bring me great satisfaction for a job WELL DONE :)

BEWARE of the BLACK MUSHROOMS, they are poisonous and if you mistakenly pick one up, your body will go into an IMMEDIATE COMPULSION. Luckily this effect lasts a split second and after, you are back to normal.

Before returning to Mr. Shepherd,  I said goodbye to Tony. He talked to me about the GOLDEN MUSHROOMS.....hmmm, interesting :O

But that will have to wait for another day. I was eager to give Mr. Shepherd his mushrooms and than start MINGLING WITH MY PICOS.

On my arrival back at The Pet Farm, Mr. Shepherd thanked me for the mushrooms and asked me to return for the next days to help him with this WONDERFUL task. Of course I will, you can count on me ;)

And off I went skipping and singing all the way to MINGLE WITH MY PICOS!!!

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