Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa In Pico World

WRITTEN BY L'Heure Bleue

Pico has been going overboard with the holidays recently and I’m not complaining. Now, I wasn’t the one to think Pico would actually bring Santa Claus to the game, but I had a change of mind when I finally went in the secret room.

And look who I found…

The one and only Santa Claus rocking ever so slightly in his chair, waiting for you to click on him.  I was surprised when I saw Santa and yet very happy because I knew that one of those presents from that gift pile will soon be mine and the fact that a jolly Santa was in the room.

This is just another treat for the happy holidays in Pico.  There’s also the brown Christmas robot having a sale on two seasonal items: reindeer hoodie and the reindeer knit cap.

What a way to look stylish for the holidays! Dressing up as a reindeer is the hot new look in pico, lol.

Note: Comparing Mr. Shepherd and Santa Claus, the two picos have a lot of similarities. They just might be the same person, or perhaps, Mr. Shepherd has a lost twin brother :D

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