Saturday, December 11, 2010

░ sweet_mom's
ChRiStMaS Tree ░

Today's CHRISTMAS TREE was beautifully decorated by my following Picos...

cute_pauline (from The Philippines)  VampireSenzuru (from Australia)   Ice Tiomag (from ?)
N☆MI N☆MI  (from Australia)   BBQ>3<  (from Hong Kong)  chef lanun  (from Malaysia)
エミ♡ (from Australia)    η у η у ★ (from Canada)   »•Qυil•«  (from Vietnam)  
Chunk Bass  (from England)     Rayna Skye (from The United States Of America)   
Hottie Totti ツ (from The United States Of America)    Belpeghor Kato (from Mexico)
^_Rin-Chan_^  (from Lithumania)

1 comment:

  1. eaa soy una esfera bien cool !!
    gracias por tomarme en cuenta para tu arbolito :D
    felices fiestas, espero te la pases de lo mejor con tu familia
    un beso y abrazo de navidad desde México