Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear sweet_mom

These are the letters that I collected that I would love to share with you and reply to them in a more personal way.

★♫яαмιє♫★ (from USA) writes...
wish I had an attitude like you! You are so sweet and you accept everyone for who they are! Stay Kind! The world needs people like you!

sweet_mom writes...

Thank you ★♫яαмιє♫★ so much for your beautiful letter.

Acceptance of other people for who they are is a blessing we should all be thankful for. The world is a beautiful place because it is made up of so many kinds of people and each person is VERY special in their own way. That is what makes this world so fascinating and interesting.

However, there are some people that make it hard sometimes by doing or saying things that affect/hurt people around them. Usually, I try not to judge them for their wrong doings, but I still prefer to keep a distance from their negative actions. And when I DO think of them, I try to focus only in the good things about them and not so much in the bad ones.

If you keep an open HEART and MIND and try to look beyond someone's "WRONGS", many times you may discover someone WONDERFUL :)

★♫яαмιє♫★ (from USA) writes...

Two wonderful letters from my sweet ★♫яαмιє♫★, thank you so much.

It gives me great joy to know that in some miraculous way my blog may possibly help some Picos in any way. Maybe taking a little of the pain they might be caring in their hearts or helping them forget even for a split second some of their problems.

We all as humans have things that make us sad or worried and we must help each other in this life. We all have been given "SOMETHING" special that we can use in helping at least one other person. Sometimes an encouraging word or a word of praise its all it takes to put a smile on some one's face and make their day.

ѕ¢αямαкιтѕυ (from USA) writes...

Hi  ѕ¢αямαкιтѕυ, hope you are doing great!

I am so glad to hear that you will be recovering one of your blogs. Having a blog has been great for me and I think it's very therapeutic in my case. It has helped me deal with my depression in an amazing way.

Since I started Pico Perfect Blog, I have been blessed by getting to know so many wonderful people from around the world. It is truly a great joy to write so I keep coming up with all these new IDEAS for the blog. Every time I tell my daughter... "Hey I got a new idea"... she'll just say..."OH boy!" and I'll just start laughing. My head is FULL of ideas that she is afraid to hear about...LOL!

тwιηкιє  (from USA) writes...  

Hello dear,
I am so glad to hear that they "BANNED" the person that was out to hurt my dear Picos. I am very thankful to AmebaPico for protecting us from that kind of scam. But let's keep in mind that AmebaPico cannot do it alone. They need our help in reporting any wrong doing we witness. Catero and I strongly recommend that you all immediately report any kind of misuse of AmebaPico, this includes bullying, foul language, disrespectful behavior and so on. Catero has posted an article of  "How To Report Abuse In Pico".

It is our duty and responsibility as a member of this wonderful Pico World to keep AmebaPico a safe place for all of us.

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