Wednesday, January 26, 2011

She's Alive!

Earlier this afternoon I was in Catero's room working on my next post while he was working on a very special project that he is preparing for our blog.

Our good friends [♥]Breezy[♥] and ☆Vince♫Further stopped  by to say hi and since Catero and I were kind of busy we excused ourselves to continue with our work.

While we were AFK, яø¢ḱ﹩and jennifer я also made a special appearance. After a while I decided to check back on what was going on and what I saw made me laughed so much that I decided to hang around (QUIETLY) and see what would happen ...

(My commentary is in purple and looks like this.)

(14:42) яø¢ḱ﹩: nice house
(14:42) ☆Vince♫Further: sorry there afk right now
(14:42) яø¢ḱ﹩: oh
(14:42) ☆Vince♫Further: dont worry
(14:42) ☆Vince♫Further: they'll be back
(14:42) яø¢ḱ﹩: ik
(14:43) ☆Vince♫Further: breezy and sweet are checking their blogs
[BTW, I am "sweets".]
(14:43) яø¢ḱ﹩: oh
(14:43) ☆Vince♫Further: and i dont if cateros checking his blog
(14:44) [♥]Breezy[♥]: Back~
(14:44) [♥]Breezy[♥]: Oh hi :D
(14:44) яø¢ḱ﹩: hi
(14:44) [♥]Breezy[♥]: Sleepyheads!
(14:44) [♥]Breezy[♥]: xD
(14:45) [♥]Breezy[♥]: Yesh, Sweet is here
(14:45) ☆Vince♫Further: yes
(14:45) [♥]Breezy[♥]: My best friend on Pico, probably
(14:45) [♥]Breezy[♥]: Luvs her
(14:45) яø¢ḱ﹩: oh
(14:45) ☆Vince♫Further: yeah
(14:45) [♥]Breezy[♥]: :D
(14:46) [♥]Breezy[♥]: CAT.
(14:46) яø¢ḱ﹩: LOL
(14:46) [♥]Breezy[♥]: *pokes good eye*
[Breezy pokes Catero's eye!]
(14:46) [♥]Breezy[♥]: :o

At this point they focus all their attention on me, trying to pester me. I was sitting on the other side of the room so I wouldn't be in the way while I worked.

(14:48) [♥]Breezy[♥]: MAMA LUIGI
(14:48) ☆Vince♫Further: huh?
(14:48) [♥]Breezy[♥]: Sweet
(14:48) jennifer я : hey guys
(14:48) [♥]Breezy[♥]: I SAW you moove
(14:48) [♥]Breezy[♥]: >:u
(14:48) [♥]Breezy[♥]: Hi lol >
(14:48) ☆Vince♫Further: o.O
(14:48) [♥]Breezy[♥]: *pulls hair*
(14:48) [♥]Breezy[♥]: :D
(14:48) ☆Vince♫Further: shes faking
(14:49) [♥]Breezy[♥]: lol
(14:49) ☆Vince♫Further: sweet dont die
(14:49) [♥]Breezy[♥]: xD
(14:49) ☆Vince♫Further: breath
(14:49) ☆Vince♫Further: aah
[Vince moves around, trying to give me CPR.]
(14:49) ☆Vince♫Further: ran out of air
(14:49) [♥]Breezy[♥]: :O
(14:49) ☆Vince♫Further: breath
(14:49) [♥]Breezy[♥]: No Vince,
[Breezy tries to move Vince away from me.]
(14:49) яø¢ḱ﹩: BRB;]
(14:49) [♥]Breezy[♥]: Bad.
[Breezy gives  ☆Vince♫Further for being "too rough" on me.]
(14:49) [♥]Breezy[♥]: Scooch
(14:49) [♥]Breezy[♥]: Sweeeeet
(14:49) ☆Vince♫Further: im trying to save her
(14:50) [♥]Breezy[♥]: SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET~
(14:50) [♥]Breezy[♥]: SWEET. >:U
(14:50) [♥]Breezy[♥]: Theres only one thing to do
(14:50) ☆Vince♫Further: no

(14:50) ☆Vince♫Further: shes dying
(14:50) [♥]Breezy[♥]: ....
(14:50) ☆Vince♫Further: *breath
(14:50) [♥]Breezy[♥]: ?
[Now it's Breezy who is the one trying to give me CPR!]
(14:51) ☆Vince♫Further: ur running out of air
(14:51) [♥]Breezy[♥]: Oh.
(14:51) ☆Vince♫Further: we should rest
(14:51) ☆Vince♫Further: sweet
[Catero returns from being AFK and becomes aware of the melodrama that is going on.]
(14:52) Catero: still afkish
(14:52) ☆Vince♫Further: catero
(14:52) Catero: hey jennifer
(14:52) ☆Vince♫Further: help me
(14:52) Catero: yes/
(14:52) Catero: with?
(14:52) ☆Vince♫Further: sweet is dying
(14:52) ☆Vince♫Further: breath
(14:52) Catero: no. she's just afk
(14:52) ☆Vince♫Further: phew
(14:52) Catero: i think she's writing a post
(14:52) ☆Vince♫Further: i get tired of breath

[At this point, jennifer я becomes worried for my well-being.]
(14:53) jennifer я : sweet mom
(14:53) jennifer я : you ok
(14:53) jennifer я : whats wrong

(14:53) ☆Vince♫Further: me and breezy tried to kick sweet's butt
(14:53) Catero: breath?
(14:53) Catero: LOL
(14:53) ☆Vince♫Further: tried to use cpr
(14:54) ☆Vince♫Further: and
(14:54) ☆Vince♫Further: tried to pull her hair
(14:54) ☆Vince♫Further: but nothing works
(14:54) [♥]Breezy[♥]: Yerp
(14:54) jennifer я : then take her to hospital
(14:54) [♥]Breezy[♥]: Not even

(14:54) [♥]Breezy[♥]: SUPER BREEZY SONIC...
(14:54) [♥]Breezy[♥]: ...
(14:54) ☆Vince♫Further: no super breezy
(14:54) Catero: you pulled her hair?
[Catero shows some concern for the mistreatment I recieved while I am non-responsive.]
(14:54) [♥]Breezy[♥]: M!BOOOOOOOOOOOMMM!!!
(14:54) ☆Vince♫Further: yes
(14:54) Catero: that's abuse, vince
(14:55) ☆Vince♫Further: i didn't do it
(14:55) ☆Vince♫Further: u know
(14:55) jennifer я : tick tock tick tock im allitle coco clock
(14:55) [♥]Breezy[♥]: ...
(14:55) ☆Vince♫Further: i only tried cpr
(14:55) Catero: lol
(14:55) [♥]Breezy[♥]: Eheh
(14:55) ☆Vince♫Further: thats what breezy did
[Vince now blames Breezy of pulling my hair while I am "DYING"! What a guy.]
(14:55) Catero: are you saying breezy is a bad girl?
(14:55) ☆Vince♫Further: no
(14:56) ☆Vince♫Further: catero
(14:56) ☆Vince♫Further: how about u help us

(14:56) ☆Vince♫Further: do something cat
(14:56) Catero: with that? lol
(14:56) ☆Vince♫Further: ur are only hope
(14:56) [♥]Breezy[♥]: Im not a bad girlll.... ;-;
(14:56) Catero: just leave her. sweet mom needs to be isolated from
(14:56) Catero: the rest of the population
(14:57) ☆Vince♫Further: please cat
(14:57) [♥]Breezy[♥]: Oh?
[Dear Vince is extremely worried for my life.]
(14:57) ☆Vince♫Further: sweet is dying
(14:57) ☆Vince♫Further: look at her eyes
(14:57) Catero: you are obsessed with death, vince
(14:57) ☆Vince♫Further: no

(14:58) Catero: she's not dying
(14:58) Catero: just afk
(14:58) ☆Vince♫Further: im just pretending ok
(14:58) Catero: lol vince

[I decide that they've had enough goofing around, so I "come back to life".]
(14:58) sweet_mom: hello
(14:58) ☆Vince♫Further: she didnt die
(14:58) ☆Vince♫Further: yay
(14:58) ☆Vince♫Further: ive been trying to use cpr
(14:58) [♥]Breezy[♥]: :DD
(14:58) [♥]Breezy[♥]: ALIIIIVE!
(14:58) sweet_mom: lol
(14:58) sweet_mom: awww
(14:59) ☆Vince♫Further: bri tried to pull ur hair
(14:59) sweet_mom: lol
(14:59) jennifer я : i tried to use a ryme
(14:59) sweet_mom: u know what
(14:59) ☆Vince♫Further: yeah
(14:59) Catero: ?
(14:59) sweet_mom: I was watching u all the time
(14:59) jennifer я : lets celebrate with a party
(14:59) sweet_mom: and it was
(14:59) Catero: huh?
(14:59) [♥]Breezy[♥]: O_O
(14:59) sweet_mom: soooo
(14:59) sweet_mom: funny
(14:59) sweet_mom: lol
(14:59) jennifer я : wa\
(15:00) [♥]Breezy[♥]: Woah, Sweet is a little creepy
(15:00) Catero: what are you talking about?
(15:00) [♥]Breezy[♥]: xD
(15:00) [♥]Breezy[♥]: AHAHA

In the end we all laughed and celebrated life!

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