Thursday, January 13, 2011

sweet_mom's THRONE

Thanks to my very distinguished guests for making my THRONE feel special ;)

Vanilla.™ rushed past me and went straight for the THRONE. At first I thought it was a little grape wearing a winter knit hat that was visiting me because of her cute purple dress. But when she finally walked out with a happy face of relief I saw it was just my sweet Vanilla.™.

Another little GRAPE that visited my THRONE was my sweet Vegemite. This cutie picotutie has an amazing SPUNKY attitude that can lighten up any room she walks in. I bet my THRONE had a BIG smile when it saw it was her :D

BTW sweetie, "I just turned COOLER dude".... if you know what I mean ;)

Finally, I present to you LETTERS FOR THE HEART THRONE...

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