Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cursed by the restless ghosts of Pico

Written by vðÐkåMµ†ïñï ✖

Hi guys! It's vðÐkåMµ†ïñï ✖again, reporting with less of a scam and more a different kinf of the evil that haunts Pico servers.

Sounds spooky eh?

Well, anyone who has logged into Pico over the last few days have noticed a certain monster lurking. A monster that creeps in and out of your rooms, disrupting communication with your friends, and overall dampening the Pico experience. This foul creature lurks in the depth of Pico's servers, waiting to chomp on unsuspecting users who may simply want to open their buddy list, or change their clothes. A creature that leaves behind a torrent of frustration in its wake as you endlessly refresh, hoping that this may just be the time that you successfully load everything perfectly!

That's right, I'm talking about the dreaded semaphores errors.

No one knows exactly how and why these things pop up, but lately they have been cursing Picos with frustration and annoyance. Semaphores errors have interrupted transactions, making it seem like your money got eaten without giving you the item! It took me 10 minutes just to open my decor menu ;A;.

Maintenance only seems to help temporarily. While it may keep the monster at bay, there's no telling when semaphores will renew its reign of terror over the Pico world.

Lurking and waiting ... a terrifically frightening ordeal.

So, how do we deal with the Pico equivalent to Xbox's red ring epidemic? My only solution so far has been patience. Getting frustrated only makes the situation worse. Take a deep breath, stay calm, and try pulling up another game to keep yourself occupied. It takes some time, but Pico will eventually work. Don't yell at the admins, but rather tell them calmly about the issues you're having. I'm sure that hitting the caps lock button won't drive them to fix the issue any faster.

If you find yourself unable to calm down, it's probably best to wait a few hours before trying to load Pico again. It may not be much, but it's all we can do. Don't fret too much over things! :) We're all in the same boat~


  1. Pico is ALWAYS running out of semaphores! Quite annoying XD

  2. Ah >.< I really hate that error!

    One of the simplest causes of a semaphore error:
    too heavy of a load for the server. This also causes the lags.

    hopefully now that Pico is a year old they will invest in bigger and better servers which would most likely lessen the semaphore timeout errors.

    until then T_T