Friday, March 4, 2011

Mingle With My Picos

Often I get visited by so many wonderful Picos that always seem to bring words of encouragement and appreciation for the work I do for the blog. You should know that I am extremely shy and usually don't know what to say after you give me such beautiful compliments. I become speechless and overwhelmed by this and unfortunately, often its been taken as a STUCK-UP attitude from my part.

I consider myself a humble person and I am still surprised when someone shows me so much admiration. Am I really deserving of all this love and admiration? To be honest with you, I don't know, I'll let you be the judge of it.

I partly write from my heart in hopes of sharing a little of myself to you... the rest is the result of my efforts which thankfully has always been wonderful.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for accepting such humble writer that loves writing for you

My Pico of the day is Dani Wilson from The United States Of America!
Please follow her new Dani's Drama xx Blog  on Google Friend Connect.

The perfect example of what I just talked about (above photo) happened yesterday afternoon. As I was working on one of my articles, Dani Wilson suddenly appeared at my door showing me her admiration and appreciation for the work I do. And as always, I went speechless and all I could do was smile and say thank you repeatedly.

I share with you our brief but beautiful chat...

(14:08) Dani Wilson: :O
(14:09) Dani Wilson: *Rubs Eyes*
(14:09) Dani Wilson: :O
(14:09) Dani Wilson: You're... You're ACTUALLY Sweet_Mom?
(14:09) Dani Wilson: ........Wow..

(14:09) sweet_mom: hi
(14:09) Dani Wilson: Hi..
(14:09) Dani Wilson: I Love Your Blog

(14:09) sweet_mom: :)
(14:09) sweet_mom: awww

(14:09) Dani Wilson: It's Really Cool ;)
(14:09) sweet_mom: ty
(14:10) Dani Wilson: Nps x
(14:10) sweet_mom: LOL
(14:10) Dani Wilson: Lolz x
(14:10) sweet_mom: how r u
(14:10) Dani Wilson: It's Wondeful
(14:10) Dani Wilson: Oooh, gd x

(14:10) sweet_mom: ty
(14:10) sweet_mom: :)

(14:10) Dani Wilson: Tc ;)
(14:10) Dani Wilson: I Love Ur Url & House!
(14:10) Dani Wilson: It's Amazing ;)

(14:10) sweet_mom: thanks
(14:11) Dani Wilson: No Probs ;)

And just like she suddenly appeared in my room brightening it up with her cheerful personality, she POOFED into thin air after I had taken our picture. Was this sweet girl for real or just my imagination playing a nice moment for me? :O

So my dear Picos now you know the effect you have on me. Your beautiful words encourage me and put a big smile in my heart but also leave me speechless and feeling extremely shy ;-)

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