Thursday, March 3, 2011

and the people she meets

As a new Pigg member, I try to log on to Pigg almost everyday for the chance to scratch my "Daily Scratch Card" which gives us a variety of different prizes every time. These prizes consist from furniture to clothing items, but in order to get the daily scratch card, you need a total of 20 gummies which is the price you must pay to get it. Since GACHA doesn't exist in Pigg and most items are only available with AG, this daily scratch card has to be the best thing for a newbie like me.

I have to be honest with you, yesterday's and today's prizes were a big disappointment. Yesterday, I recieved for the second time a table that I already had and didn't even liked the first time I got it. Today's prize was a black block. What am I supposed to do with a black block?

Anyways, every once in a while, I will be bringing a collection of pictures of Piggs or Pigg's rooms. I want you to have an idea of how they dress, how they look and how they live. They are WONDERFUL friendly people and they should be known by us.

When I registered and became a new member, Pigg provided me with 10 Tokens which allowed me to obtain great items for my Pigg. Catero told me that when he joined about a year ago,
 he was given only 5 of them. I guess I had a great start ;-)

I looove the many wonderful items Pigg has to offer their members, from amazing room items to the most fabulous clothing pieces. There is a handheld doll that many Pigg's walk around with (even some boys) and it's the sweetest thing. The price for this doll, thankfully is in gummmies for a merely 100 of them. Many of the members in Pigg walk around holding a great variety of amazing handheld items that can be purchased either in gummies or AG and are available in the many different locations all over Pigg. I personally think the two handheld items in Pigg that I see the most than any other items owned by our friends would have to be the Doll or the CANDY BAG. The Candy Bag is available for 20 gummies.

An item that is a MUST to have for me is the ACOUSTIC GUITAR that I saw one of our Pigg friends carrying on his back. I don't care if it is sold with AG, I just need to save up and find a patient friend that knows Japanese and can guide me through the process of how to buy AG. I NEED, NEED, NEED this guitar for those bohenian nights around the campfire that I am planning on spending with my friends.

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