Saturday, April 9, 2011

Discrimination Awareness Stories

Thank you so much for sharing some of your stories with us.

Written by: ƒøяτυиε¢øøќιε

In real life, I have a two year old little sister. So naturally, I find it funny that a Dora the Explorer look-a-like comes to one of my events. We talk and have tons of funny events.

Then haters start coming. They say that the Dora look-a-like is ugly, a newb, even some bad words I prefer not to say that they somehow managed to get past the profanity filter with. I tell them it's a joke, that she is really a funny and nice person. They just go on saying that Dora is gay, stupid, and that I am too because I stood up for her! I tell them that the events were held in honor of my little sister, a huge Dora fan, and that it wasn't nice of them to trash on someone they don't know. They said that my little sister was gay too! I find it horrible that people are such haters toward you when you're just looking to have some nice, clean, G rated fun.

Why don't we just acknowledge that all Picos don't have to be so perverted and disgusting to have fun events that are not related to boyfriend/girlfriend events?

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Written by: AngeℓicBride!™

Here is some of my stories from past discrimination incidents I had that kind-of hit me at home; One time I was minding my own business and having fun at a fashion show but one of the girls got upset because I won first place in a certain theme and she had the nerve to say "ew go away you albino freak" and a few other names that I am not in the mood to say.

Another incident is when I was in the English park talking with a friend until a random guy walked to my friend and asked her if she was single and might I add this friend is a good friend in the real world and she's my "play" little sister, so therefore I was being protective of her. i told the guy to scram and (lack of better words) f*** off, she's not that desperate to find a mate and the guy said "Don't get mad cause you don't have a bf, you stupid four-eyed ugly albino b****" and I just wanted to punch this guy in the mouth and tell him something, I have you know, I have a wonderful boyfriend in the real world and we have been happily together for 8 months and in a recently literary test I took, it said that I was reading above average and I was reading better than 94% of students in the U.S (It is very rare for a 15 year old in the city I live in to be make these scores) so he had no right to call me such names.

It hit me hard at home because I look almost exactly as my pico and its enough I have to put up with the name calling and the put-downs in the real world but in a game? Its quite pathetic to say the least.

Written by: ™»✖§тεṽ℮✖«™

Today I encountered an “Oldbie” saying A LOT of rude and uncalled for insults to a poor “Newbie” that came to her friend`s event! She was constantly cussing and yelling at him to go away…kind of similar to your latest post; the “Move away Newbie” incident.

Another thing is…this was at one of those dumb “Hot or Not” events. Believe me…I totally agree with the whole….”Stop These Rude, Uncalled-for events”. I went there to try to stop them from hurting the Picos that aren`t “Hot” in the creator’s perspective. Anyway…she just wouldn`t stop even when I tried to tell her it wasn`t right!

I don`t get why people with Ameba Gold think that suddenly they own the whole game >.< As you said…it was created for EVERYONE! Well…thank you for listening and I hope you`re having a great Pico Life J

From 1 of your BIGGEST fans; ™»✖§тεṽ℮✖«™

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