Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Written by incendio.

On Pico, I am constantly changing my look. During the month of February, I took it upon myself to celebrate Black History by making my Pico dark skinned.

I always warp to my friends, and so I'm in Spanish Park 1, and this girl comes up and says many disrespectful things about African Americans. Being the person I am, I defend my Pico and African Americans. The girl thinks my responses to her racist statements are a form of entertainment and she kept saying things such as go on, or this is so funny. In return, I spew some profanity about her ignorance.

Honestly, I'm not the most polite, or nicest Pico around, but even so, I'd never say anything about a race that isn't true. Why can't we just be on Pico and not worry about racial put downs, or any put downs in general?

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