Saturday, April 23, 2011


I don't know about you, but "The Almighty One" stone that can be purchased for merely 50AG for 100 batch, has to be the greatest thing ever. This amazing stone will give you the opportunity to earn casino dollars much easier in no time. At first I was hesitant about spending my husband's I mean my money on AG for this stone, but I went with my gut instinct and soon I started seeing my casino fortune go up.

Not only was I winning in most spins, but the figures were astonishingly big! I was seeing 1,500, 3,000, 12,000, 17,000 and even up to 43,000 Credits with many of my spins. In a matter of 30 minutes I had earned over 10,000 C$. At this pace soon I will be able to buy the Bourgeois Peacock Design Dress (30,000C$) available in Jill's Shop at the Shop Lounge in Las Vegas that I been wanting so bad.

Now, in no way am I suggesting that you should go out there and purchase the 'The Almighty One" stone. I am only sharing with you how well the stone has worked for me and the results may very  much varied with each one of us.

 And now you may be wondering why the big smile?  Well... not only did Ameba Pico bring this amazing stone for the AG users that like to gamble, but for the ones that can't afford the stone, Ameba Pico hasn't forgotten about them this time and for three days only (4-22 to 4-24) with their "5 Times Slot Campaign", everyone will be winning five times as usual. So don't wait anymore and head for the Slot Machines.

And finally,don't forget that  for one week only (4-21~ 4-27) the "High-Class Escargot Wheels" has a 50% discount. Now you can become the proud owner of this very cool item thanks to our friend Anthony at the Shop Lounge in Las Vegas for the price of 750,000C$.

Now my dear Picos, I need to get out of here and find my gambling partner Catero that has been hiding from me all week long :P  I wonder what he's been up to this time? If you see him please  tell him that Sweets* said ... "Hola Chico"!

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