Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Old Love in the Club

Who says grandparents can't be cool  and go PARTY all night? If you had been at the Pico Night Blue Club, when me and my cuties Ðaяk Łσvε๖ۣۜ♥ and ☜Metty☞ were dancing the night away, you would have witnessed the most touching and sweet moments these two love birds were having.

But not everything was going like a bed of roses in the beginning. For some reason Dα ԍяαηηу got mad at Da Grandpa, maybe she caught him looking at a younger lady ;) and Da Grandpa ended up alone in one of the corners at the club. He was crying of a broken heart and me being the softy I am, ran to him to give him some comfort.

After I asked him why he was sad and crying and he responded because his beautiful OLD lady didn't love him anymore , I try to cheer him up with a little lovin of my own, unfortunately I made the situation worst for him with Dα ԍяαηηу. "But granny, don't you see he only has eyes for you and you are his true love?"

When me and ☜Metty☞ realized how I had made everything worst and Da Grandpa was sadder then ever, and Dα ԍяαηηу was madder then ever, we decided to fix the situation. We kept begging  Dα ԍяαηηу to have some mercy on poor Da Grandpa and give him some love. Poor Da Grandpa , he was so sad to look at. Sitting alone, heartbroken and eyes filled with tears :(

Finally, after a LITTLE convincing (seriously I think Dα ԍяαηηу was dying to make up with her handsome love) she joined him and before everyone's eyes she lovingly declared her undying love to him.

Isn't love beautiful!?

BTW: Dα ԍяαηηу's real Pico name is εїз ѕαѕнα εїз™ and Da Grandpa real Pico's name is ♪♫ⓐⓛⓔⓧ™
both from
Yesterday was Dα ԍяαηηу  birthday...
HAPPY late BIRTHDAY εїз ѕαѕнα εїз™

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  1. :D Thanks for helping me and alex get back together :D xxx we was doing a dare to dress up like old people for our blog... Then alex called me and ugly oldy,but in a joking way,But i kinnda took it the wrong way and got mad with him D: Thanks for including us in your blog. We will be changing back to normal today :D