Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sexism in Pico?

I’ve heard mixed feelings from the recent “Girls only” gacha that opened in France. And I’ve got to say, a lot of the aren’t the greatest. Pico’s pretty obviously favored the women for as long as I’ve been a member. And it’s gotten to the point where even the girls are getting frustrated.
Catero posted earlier about the sheer lack of male wigs that are around. The party wig selection was—put bluntly—pathetic. Boys got one measly hairstyle, one that was already selectable from your settings menu, and put it in a couple funky colors.
Sorry Pico, but I agree with Catero. It just doesn’t cut it. We have a variety of people who come and play, of all varying sexes and genders. And just because females may outweigh males does not mean, by any stretch of the word, that you should entitle the girls to more. It’s simply unfair.

There’s no comparison when you open the shops anywhere around the Pico world. The pink “women’s” symbol above clothes appears so much more frequently than the blue “men’s” symbol. The wig fiasco, in which girls were given access to every single wig, while boys just had a recolored generic ‘do. With this Gacha thrown in the mix, I kind of have to wonder when things will be a bit more equal.
If you ask me though, I think that these gender specific restrictions should be abolished entirely. Clothing never had a gender, and in my opinion it’s only restricting creativity for us to be restricted to clothing, just because it’s not commonly defined to our specific gender.
I mean I’ve seen boy picos who are actually girl picos, just made to look male to get access to the many more clothes that girl picos have.
Shouldn’t we all have the freedom to our fashion? That’s what I always say! 

P.S.  Ameba, upping the price of premium gacha to 100g a spin is absolutely not cool. As if 50 wasn’t steep enough already. I am so not happy about this.

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