Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Flea Markets are always a great place to find great items for a good price. That is why you will always see me roaming around the market grounds in search of a good deal.  However my weakness has to be fashion, especially any new released items. I will search high and low to find great additions for my closet. Luckily for me, our friend Mary always has the cutest latest fashions  available at great prices.

I was overly excited when I saw her latest Spring fashion collection that are available. The "Basket With Pretty Flowers", available for 120AG was the first item that caught my eye. It is absolutely adorable and a must have for any girl that likes to add a touch of nature to her wardrobe.

Luckily I had three tokens in my pocket that I had completely forgotten about and was able to get a few great items together with the little AG I had left. Now,  my new Bright Striped Polo/Rd was available for 800 gummies which is great for the none AG users. The Pastel Color Shorts with Frills, which I got in a delicate pink color were available for 80 AG/ 1 Token which I think its a pretty good price for this great looking shorts.  The Wrinkled Denim Jeans which come in three different colors are also a great buy (80 AG/1 Token) they are absolutely a perfect item to wear with any top. The new Spring dresses are available for 100 AG/1 Token and they come in three vivid colors.

You will be delighted to see the large selection of Spring fashion items that Pico has so kindly brought to us. From footwear, hair accessories to gorgeous tops and bottoms, all at a very affordable price.

Now bumping and meeting wonderful Picos is what always turns my day extraordinary. This time I had the pleasure of bumping into .::ツ♥εℓмð♡ツ::. who was very friendly and polite. She was thrilled to see that there were several items available with gummies....Thank you Ameba Pico for this <3

Now let's not forget the new incredible home items that our friend Christian has in store for all the Home Interior Designer or anyone that wants to add special touches to their rooms. This new items can be well incorporated to any design style to make your rooms look amazing. Unfortunately these items are all available in AG except for the round and the square trash cans.

Til next time, have a great day ;)

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