Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dear Sweets*

Hello my beautiful Picos, I hope you are doing great on this beautiful day!
I want to thank you for all your letters and messages and for the trust that you have placed on me for some advice. I ask that you please be patient with me since I been getting new ones everyday. I will try my best to answer all your letters as soon as possible.

Hello sweets* =''( every day i open my pico account, i neevr experinece happiness because almost the pico world insults me in my physical appearance. i cant take it anymore! i really love to play pico but the pico world dont like me =''(

My dearest Beautiful ^_^*,
Know that the people that insult you are seriously so brainless since they are being cruel to you based on the appearance on your Pico Avatar. These people have no sense of what true beauty is. They have so much ugliness in their hearts that consequently blinds them from all the beauty that is all around them. Can you imagine how sad this must be for them, everything they see, they choose to see it as ugly... what an unhappy life they must be living in. In reality we were all created by our loving God in his own image. God is beautiful and so we all are. God doesn't create "UGLY", those people are REALLY the ones that choose to be ugly with their behavior... what a shame!!!

There are many wonderful, caring and loving people here in Pico. I am pretty sure you must know some. They are the ones that make it worth staying and not giving up something that you love so much. Sometimes we feel like we are alone, I have felt that way too many times. It seems like the world hate us... but trust me sweetie... its not the world, it's "only" those hateful people that make us feel that way. Don't let them get to you to the point that you feel hated by the whole Pico world. I love you and you are beautiful and I bet there are many others that will agree with me ;)

My advice to you my sweet girl is to report these people immediately. Don't take into heart all the ugliness they are spilling around, I truly believe they that they are not only harassing you but they are harassing more innocent Picos out there. Giving up Pico because of them is not a good idea since Pico belongs to everyone. Surround yourself with friends that are really caring and loving even if it's just a few. These good people will make it worthwhile and PLEASE keep in mind that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and YOU ARE LOVED.

Sweets i keep on getting bullied by this girl named steph her pico id:---------
she calls me a hater like on her proflie i need help and she cant stop talking about me help!
also when i try to stand up for myself she just says ''LMFAOOO NERD'' and i get really sad :/ and she keeps saying nobody likes me but i dont belive that i have other friends. Thanks sweets :]

My dear MR.RABBIT♡,
How sad it is that this girl doesn't realize how terrible it is to be talking about another person. Talking bad about another human being can have awful consequences and can really affect someones life. I wonder if these kind of people ever stop for a moment to see what they are doing and can live with the guilt of knowing that they are intentionally hurting someone else. As I always tell my own children, if you have nothing nice to say about someone, just don't say anything.

I don't know how old this girl might be, but she seems to be very immature, and by this I don't necessarily mean young. There are many very young kids that will behave more maturely and intelligent that some grown-ups do. With these type of mentally immature people, there is no way you will ever win an argument. There minds are set up and stuck on certain behaviors and trying to get through them is almost impossible.

My advice to you is to ignore her completely because there is no point in fighting someone that will not reason in a logical way. Talking to her would be like talking to a wall.... please don't waste your time. These people many times are like an uncomfortable itch, they itch, you scratch and then they are gone. However, keep in mind that you can always report her to Ameba Pico.

I don't believe her either when she says nobody likes you, of course there are many others that do. What else would you still be coming back to Pico if you had no friends. Please enjoy your time with your friends and don't let ONE person ruin it for you <3

Dear Sweets*,
Hi! I'm Gabriella and I'm a huge fan of urs. Last yr. at skul, I have 3 BFFs. We do everything together. Even tho we fyt, we still have each other. Now this yr., only 2 of us r left. I'm so sad. How can I move on?

Hello ☆゚・Gαbriεllα・☆,
Isn't it wonderful to have wonderful friends in our lives!
I truly understand why you are feeling so sad. Loosing a good friend its never easy. But I truly believe that many of our friends come into our lives to serve a purpose, to help us in some way and they are not meant to stay. Once they serve their purpose, they must move on.

Be grateful for the time you had with this friend. This friend has touched your life in a beautiful way and even though you might not realize it at this time, her being part of your life, even if it was just for a while, has added a special blessing to make the rest of your life better. Every friend that comes into our lives brings with them a gift that in some way will improve our lives as human beings.

There are many ways you can still keep in touch with her these days. And who knows, maybe in the future you two can meet again. In the meantime every time you miss her, think of the good times you two shared and send her a blessing...I always do that with my friends that I lost, it really helps.

And remember your friend must be gone but the memories you two shared will stay in your heart forever.

I'm sorry FOR that LETTER. I just wanna know if my IDOL is back again. POOR OREO. I have also a kitten and named Chocolate. But, i don't know where is Chocolate now. i'm really sorry. I'm happy to see that you now accept buddy requests. I send you a request. It's up to you if you will accept this or not.

My sweet I love Sweets*,
Chocolate really sounds like an adventurous kitten. I bet he is out there exploring the world. Please don't worry about Chocolate too much, he/she is probably having a great time :)
Yes, my baby Oreo left to be in Heaven. Now he is happy chasing butterflies and jumping from cloud to cloud. I miss him very much but I know he is in a happier place and that puts a smile in my heart <3

I am sooo honored by the name you have given to your Pico, thank you very much <333 I have accepted your buddy request as a thank you for being such a wonderful and caring girl. Please keep that loving heart of yours just the way it is... don't ever change :)


Thank you so much my dear Chihiro♡. Your words really fill me with strength to keep trying my best to  help as much as I can. As long as God allows me and there are Picos out there looking for some kind of advice from me, I'll be here waiting with an open heart. God bless you and have a wonderful life <333

Ⓐⓝⓖⓔⓛ☆¢upcake,  glad to hear that I could help at least a little with my article. I promise you that you'll feel much better soon. Life goes on bringing with it new blessings.

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